It isn’t Nixon’s fault Democrats have run Chicago for a century


If you are wondering how Chicago has ended up in its perpetual state of violence, look no further than Mayor Brandon Johnson blaming a president who left office 50 years ago.

At least 109 people were shot in Chicago over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, resulting in 19 deaths, including the death of an 8-year-old. Through near tears, Johnson said that “black death” has been accepted in this country because “we had a chance 60 years ago to get at the root causes” and, instead, “we ended up with Richard Nixon.”

Yes, Johnson said that people are OK with black Chicagoans being killed because the country elected President Richard Nixon in 1968. Evidently, not a single thing has changed since then or is able to be changed.

In reality, the idea that “black death” is accepted is entirely the product of Democrat-run cities such as Chicago. Chicago, for example, has been run by the Democrats since 1931. That is 93 years of uncontested single-party control. The country’s most violent cities (which see black people make up a disproportionate share of homicide victims) have been run by the Democrats for decades before Nixon became president and decades after he died.


Democrats can’t talk about this honestly, though, because that would require acknowledging the party’s institutional failure in cities such as Chicago. That is why these discussions always turn to Democratic talking points, whether those involve gun control or addressing the “root causes,” which always means giving the Democratic administration more money that will inevitably not be spent on reducing crime. Democrats just want to blame the nearest Republican, and in this case, apparently, that nearest Republican was Nixon, who left office two years before Johnson was even born.

Johnson, who has a long track record of pro-criminal policies and rhetoric, shoulders much of the blame for Chicago’s violence (and certainly shoulders more of it than Nixon). But this has been a problem with the Democratic Party running Chicago and similar cities for decades. The culture of violence and the homicide numbers that follow have been normalized and accepted by Democratic administrations in these cities, and nothing will change until these cities stop empowering the party that has made this the norm.

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