Your vote today is your one chance to say ‘No!’



Your vote today is your one chance to say ‘No!’

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Culture is upstream of politics, just like they say. But you don’t get any real say over the next show Netflix or Amazon produces — the best you can do is cancel your subscription after the fact and go without. You don’t have any input into Disney‘s lobbying plans or what viewpoints or facts Big Tech companies decide to suppress or censor next on their platforms.

You do, however, get a say every couple of years as to who governs your state. You get a say in your local school district’s composition and in who sets the agenda in Congress.


This is why, even though the Left’s malignant cultural agenda is not necessarily on the ballot today, your vote in today’s midterm election is your only chance to voice your objection and perhaps curb its worst excesses.

If you are disturbed by the totalitarian turn politically correct culture has taken just the last couple of years, your best and only recourse for the moment is to vote against every Democrat on the ballot this November. You cannot be there at your child’s school every day to make sure teachers are not browbeating your children because of their skin color or trying to misinform them that they can or should change genders. But you can vote out politicians who defend or even intend to enforce critical race theory; you can oust the ones trying to force gender ideology on parents as a criminal matter.

Once the Democratic officeholders are out, looking for new jobs, real learning can get back into the nation’s classrooms, and such silliness can be banned from them.

This election is your only recourse if you want to take a clear and unambiguous stand that no, two plus two does not equal five — and no, you will not say it does either, not even to assuage someone’s potentially hurt feelings — for once they can pressure you into denying objective reality, the tacit goal of today’s Left, they have full control over you as a person, and you have lost your freedom forever.

Those cultural issues matter in the long run, as they will affect how your children and grandchildren grow up. In the meantime, immediate policy issues also demand your democratic participation in voting as well. If you are tired of the results of soft-on-crime policy, Bidenflation’s assault on your paycheck, the chaos that President Joe Biden is allowing at the U.S. border, or the environmental Left’s assault on the reliability and affordability of your energy, then you need to vote.

If you are alarmed that the Biden administration has illegally deputized social media to censor online discussions about such topics as the president’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, then you need to vote. If you don’t like watching a politicized Justice Department, inspired by fake grassroots concern trolling, label parents as domestic terrorists for caring about their children’s education, then you need to vote and teach Biden and his party a lesson.

Make no mistake: If Democrats come out of this election with their power intact, it will send them the message that they can keep getting away with all of this stuff — forever. But if sufficiently chastened, Democrats may throw off some of their leaders who are so radical and detached from reality. They may start electing more centrist members to Congress like they used to. That would arguably be the best medicine for healing the nation’s political divisions.


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