Will Democrats accept the results of the midterm elections?


Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams
Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams (AP)

Will Democrats accept the results of the midterm elections?

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As the midterm elections approach, Democrats are poised to lose the House and could lose the Senate along with several state-level races. But will Democrats accept those losses as fair and legitimate?

We already know that Democrats have not accepted the results of a presidential election that the party lost since 1988. We know that the party line is that losses are always the result of gerrymandering, or the Electoral College, or the Senate being “unfair.” But Democrats and liberal pundits have also begun setting the stage to reject the results of the midterm elections if Democrats lose as comprehensively as they are expected to.


Earlier this year, President Joe Biden claimed that the midterm elections “could easily be legitimate” if Congress didn’t pass his election power grab. This came after Biden had accused Republicans (and the two Democratic senators) who opposed that bill of being segregationists. Biden’s White House also met with Texas Republicans who ran away from the state while screaming that Republicans were going to rig future elections in their favor.

Biden isn’t the only Democrat setting the stage for election denialism. Stacey Abrams, who still hasn’t acknowledged that she fairly lost the last gubernatorial election in Georgia, still thinks voter suppression is going to be responsible for her losing in Georgia again. Even record turnout isn’t enough, as Abrams has repeatedly claimed that voter suppression is “alive and well in Georgia.”

Arizona Democratic candidate for governor Katie Hobbs has also said that this could be “the last election in our lifetime if we don’t elect the right people,” already setting the stage for Democratic election denialism beyond tomorrow’s midterm elections.

On top of that, liberal pundits have got in on the action. We’ve seen outlets blame “misinformation” for Democrats losing elections (particularly when the party loses Hispanic voters), but Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has added another wrinkle. CNN’s Brian Fung dramatically warned that Twitter under Musk “could weaken its safeguards for elections, just before the midterms are set to take place.”

Where would we be if Twitter doesn’t censor accurate news stories from the New York Post this time around?


Other outlets hopping on that train include NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, NBC News, the Financial Times, and the Guardian. Just as many in media pretended that Hillary Clinton lost because of Russian interference in the form of lame memes on Facebook, many are preparing to blame nefarious “misinformation” for stealing races from the Democratic Party.

Democrats have presented themselves as paragons of virtue and election integrity, but the party has been rife with election deniers for two decades. Given the table setting heading into tomorrow, it becomes a fair question to ask once again: Will Democrats accept their losses as legitimate, or will the conspiracy theories about misinformation and suppression continue to dominate their rhetoric?

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