The media are desperate to prevent a President DeSantis


Ron DeSantis
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis waves during a rally at Freedom Park in the Solivita retirement community in Poinciana, Fla., on Nov. 3. Stephen M. Dowell/AP

The media are desperate to prevent a President DeSantis

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With Ron DeSantis on a glide path to reelection as governor of Florida tomorrow, all eyes will soon turn to 2024. Establishment media couldn’t be more scared.

The New York Times and the Washington Post dropped two of the most pathetic opposition research pieces you will ever see on back-to-back days in an attempt to make DeSantis look bad. Late Friday night, the Post dropped a piece headlined “Ron DeSantis, who denounced Disney, actually got married there.”


The goal was clearly to paint DeSantis as a hypocrite. While falsely claiming that DeSantis was “on the offense” against Disney (as opposed to Disney picking a fight with DeSantis over a bill that it did not understand), staff writer Hannah Sampson notes, “Before he attacked the company, DeSantis — who is up for reelection next week — was a groom walking down the aisle in a Disney wedding.”

The Post obtained DeSantis’s marriage license and spoke to guests who attended because this is what journalism has devolved into in 2022. Of course, all of this is irrelevant because DeSantis got married at Disney in 2009. In other words, the Washington Post thinks it has DeSantis dead to rights because he got married somewhere and then criticized the company 13 years later after it decided to stick its nose where it didn’t belong.

Not to be outdone, the Times dropped its own dud on Saturday, claiming that when DeSantis was a teacher, some students made jokes about him. It’s a truly shocking claim to people who have never been or met students. But it gets far worse. For example, the Times quotes a black student who asserts that DeSantis was “passively” “hostile” to her because of her skin color.

More notably, the Times mentions a video in which a “voice purporting to be” DeSantis claims the Civil War wasn’t fought over slavery. “The video, which was reviewed by the Times,” doesn’t actually contain DeSantis at all. “A student voiced the role of Mr. DeSantis, because students did not have any actual footage of him,” reporter Frances Robles informs us.

Truly, Pulitzer-winning stuff.

These weak hit pieces come at a time when the Times is also trying to hype up former President Donald Trump and the “derisive” nicknames he has prepared for DeSantis for a potential campaign clash. Establishment media don’t fear Trump, whose self-destructive tendencies cost Republicans the White House in 2020 and the Senate in 2021. They fear DeSantis, who has shown that he can routinely embarrass them and their corporate allies while turning swing-state Florida ruby-red.


Establishment media already showed the lengths they were willing to go to take down DeSantis, including CBS’s 60 Minutes attacking DeSantis for getting people vaccinated and outlets such as CNN promoting a loser in a grim reaper outfit calling for beaches to be shut down during the pandemic. Those attacks will only escalate in both absurdity and desperation after the midterm elections because DeSantis scares the media in a way that Trump never will.

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