New York City decides to protect residents from mentally troubled homeless people


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In this Jan. 11, 2017, file photo, a homeless person sleeps under a blanket while seated on a New York sidewalk. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

New York City decides to protect residents from mentally troubled homeless people

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Apparently, even New York City Democrats have a limit on how many people they’ll allow to be pushed onto the subway tracks.

Mayor Eric Adams has announced a plan to begin hospitalizing more mentally ill people across the city involuntarily. Adams, being a Democrat, is trying to frame this more as a concern that these people are unable to care for themselves, that the city has a “moral obligation” to care for them, and that “we will not abandon them if those efforts cannot overcome the person’s unawareness of their own illness.”


But the reality is that New Yorkers are far more concerned about the harm that mentally troubled individuals are inflicting upon other residents. Around 40% of those responsible for homicides on the city’s subway system have mental health issues. That includes Martial Simon, who had been hospitalized at least 20 times and began showing signs of schizophrenia in his 30s. Earlier this year, the 61-year-old Simon shoved Michelle Go in front of a subway train, killing her instantly.

Of course, liberal activists and their media mirrors are upset about the city acting to prevent this. The Washington Post claimed that Adams’s plan “spurs backlash,” citing several handpicked activists and politicians who don’t like the plan. The New York Times did the same at the end of its coverage, though at least the outlet noted that “a woman was pushed to her death” earlier this year.

The question remains for these activists and the establishment media outlets who favorably quote them: what should the city do with mentally disturbed homeless residents who can snap at any point and put someone in the hospital, or in front of a subway train? Talking points about housing policy aren’t going to stop random assaults and unprovoked attacks from mentally unstable homeless people.


At some point, liberal sympathy for the homeless becomes dangerous. That point was sometime before Michelle Go was killed. Adams is right to be concerned about homeless people who pose a threat to themselves and others. Now, it comes down to whether or not he, and other New York City Democrats, have the stomach to commit to this policy and protect their residents.

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