The liberal obsession with Twitter is embarrassing


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The liberal obsession with Twitter is embarrassing

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There is nothing more pathetic than the liberal Twitter users who let Twitter govern their every thought. That has only become more true in the time since Elon Musk purchased the platform.

Writing in the Atlantic, Kaitlyn Tiffany states that “the era of ‘stay and fight’ Twitter is here.” Musk is attempting to lure former President Donald Trump back to the platform after lifting the suspension on his account. According to Tiffany, “the mere threat that he may return to Twitter is already provoking an emotional response from some of the site’s most devoted users.” For the “‘stay and fight’ faction,” Tiffany writes, “simply staying online could feel like a small step toward saving democracy.”

Oh my. God bless our brave heroes, tweeting through the storm and saving our democracy — one 280-word screed at a time.


It is embarrassing enough that the sad state of excessively online liberals and their “clever” hashtags and memes about President Joe Biden is the subject of a piece in the supposedly serious Atlantic. It is even more embarrassing that some Atlantic staff writers, such as Tom Nichols, seemingly agree with the idea that liberal Twitter users like “JoJoFromJerz” and “Mueller, She Wrote” (and Tom Nichols) are all that stand between America and the abyss.

And more embarrassing still is the fact that White House chief of staff Ron Klain invited all of the biggest “resistance” Twitter liberals to the White House. Biden’s White House, thanks in large part to Klain’s obsession with Twitter, has been governed by the platform. It is no coincidence that Biden’s approval rating is 11 points underwater while his chief of staff is focused on coordinating talking points with Twitter personalities.

Twitter is not real life, and it certainly is not going to “save” American democracy. The “stay and fight” faction of liberal Twitter isn’t brave; it’s embarrassing. So is the outsize importance that liberal journalists and politicians place on the platform. Instead of obsessively tweeting into the void like so many addicts, they should try logging off every once and a while and living life like a normal person whose existence doesn’t revolve around the blue bird app.


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