Who asked the NHL for its ridiculous opinions about gender?


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FILE – In this file photo taken Sept. 17, 2012, the NHL logo is seen on a goal at a Nashville Predators practice rink in Nashville, Tenn. The NHL eliminated 16 more days from the regular-season schedule Monday, Dec. 10, 2012, and if a deal with the players’ association isn’t reached soon the whole season could be lost. The league wiped out all games through Dec. 30 in its latest round of cancellations. Negotiations between the league and the players’ association broke off last week, but NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said Sunday the sides are trying to restart talks this week. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey, file) Mark Humphrey

Who asked the NHL for its ridiculous opinions about gender?

In case anyone was on the fence about the science behind gender ideology, the National Hockey League has decided to lend its expertise about human biology to the discussion.

On Tuesday, the NHL announced that it was “proud to support” the “first tournament comprised entirely of transgender and nonbinary players.” As many people pointed out, this just means that the NHL has discovered co-ed hockey. But in response to one user who claimed that this was just men playing on women’s teams, the NHL devolved into full scientific illiteracy. “Trans women are women,” the league tweeted. “Trans men are men. Nonbinary identity is real.”


Aside from this being completely inaccurate, why is the NHL weighing in on this topic at all? Touting the support you offer one community and its first-ever tournament (which, again, is just co-ed hockey) is one thing, but deciding to make grand pronouncements about gender and biology is far outside the scope of a hockey league. We already have doctors and scientists making absurd, scientifically illiterate arguments about gender ideology because of the social pressures they feel to adopt absurd positions. We do not need a professional hockey league chiming in with its thoughts.

Besides, the NHL’s claims are inaccurate. Men are men and women are women, regardless of how they identify. They are distinctly, biologically different, and you cannot change those differences just by claiming to be a member of the opposite gender. You cannot truly change them even with surgery or hormones.

If the two were entirely interchangeable and sex were solely dependent on self-identification, how can it be that every player in the NHL’s entire history, outside of one goalie in one preseason game in 1992, were biologically male?

The far more laughable claim, that “nonbinary identity is real,” is equally wrong. People who claim to be “nonbinary” profess to be neither male nor female. That’s not scientifically possible. The term “nonbinary” is meaningless and merely allows people to claim that they are part of the transgender community without committing to hormones or surgeries. It is the gender ideology equivalent of a fashion statement and nothing more.


Yet this is what the NHL, a hockey league, now wants to promote to its fans, who presumably just want to watch hockey. Perhaps the league’s management needs to be replaced.

Lecturing fans with anti-science nonsense is not going to make the product on the ice better. All it does is reinforce popular liberal culture mantras that make no sense and have had disastrous consequences for children in particular. We would all be better off if the NHL stopped tweeting and instead focused on not being forgotten as one of the major American sports.

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