Biden stands on corpses to promote gun control (again)


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Biden stands on corpses to promote gun control (again)

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President Joe Biden is once again carrying on the despicable Democratic Party tradition of standing on the corpses of young gunshot victims to promote gun control proposals that have nothing to do with their deaths.

We do not know all of the details of the shooting that left three University of Virginia football players dead and sent two to the hospital, but waiting for information has never stopped Democrats from throwing around their ineffective gun control proposals. Biden’s White House was quick to jump on the shooting, immediately calling for “an assault weapons ban.”


Of course, that would have done nothing to prevent this shooting, because the alleged shooter in question used a handgun. In fact, the alleged shooter faces charges of second-degree murder and using a handgun in the commission of a felony.

So, what would an “assault weapons” ban, which targets rifles that look scary to Democrats, do to prevent a shooting perpetrated with a handgun? The Biden administration chose to reduce three young men to nothing more than gun control props to promote a law that would do nothing to protect them, even if it was effective. Of course, this matches with Biden saying shortly after the midterm elections that he would “ban assault weapons, or try like the devil.” It is nothing more than gross, shameless political posturing, and yet that is the Democratic Party’s go-to move on gun control.

Democratic politicians and their media allies regularly push gun control proposals that would do next to nothing to prevent shootings or even remove guns from the hands of criminals and then accuse all those who oppose these ineffective “solutions” of wanting people to die. Many of those same Democrats then turn a blind eye to progressive prosecutors who refuse to keep violent criminals behind bars, even when they use guns in their crimes.


Gun control, promoted by the Democratic Party, is never targeted at criminals or at preventing the crimes it is pushed in response to, as is evident from Biden here. The target is always law-abiding gun owners, because it is easier to tell people who obey the law what they can’t own than it is to fund police departments and prisons and put criminals behind bars for life when you are a “progressive.”

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