Make it as easy as possible to sue doctors who perform transgender surgeries


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Make it as easy as possible to sue doctors who perform transgender surgeries

I am deeply saddened to see this story from a girl detransitioning after doctors talked her into gender transition at a shockingly young age.

Tucker Carlson had her on his show last week:

Cole began suffering from gender dysphoria at just 9 years old. She told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that doctors began urging her to transition when she was 12. By 13, she was fully immersed in the transition to manhood. Between 13 and 17, Cole began taking puberty-blocking drugs, received off-label sex hormone treatments, and received a double mastectomy, in which both of her breasts were completely removed. Now a legal adult, Cole laments that “I will never be able to breast-feed whatever children I will have. I don’t even know if, because I was put on puberty blockers and testosterone at only 13 years old, I don’t know if I’ll be able to conceive a child naturally.” “I made an adult decision as a child,” she said.

This is such an incredibly tragic story from which she might never come back, and it is a story that you’re going to hear over and over again in the next several years. Hopefully, as many children as possible come back for justice after being mutilated by these greedy ideologues.

The doctors who perform these procedures are doing it because it is so lucrative, and they all need to be sued into oblivion, forever. That is the one sure way to force corporations and doctors to stop being so stupid on this issue — keep suing them until their entire day is filled with court appearances.

They will come around when they are forced to pay through the nose for their malpractice insurance. That is the only way to get justice for children who, like Cole, were encouraged to have both breasts chopped off because they were going through a phase as teenagers.

Yes, state legislatures can and should criminalize gender-transition surgeries and the use of puberty blockers on children for gender-related procedures, as many states are already doing. But another measure states need to consider is to create the maximum possible opportunity for civil lawsuits against any doctor who performs such procedures on anyone residing in his or her state.

There is already a template for this: Just look into how the courts in Madison County, Illinois, have become magnets for asbestos exposure lawsuits. America needs states and counties to make it as easy as possible for detransitioners to sue and win. In the long run, that is the only way doctors will stop abetting this extremely lucrative form of child abuse. Lower every barrier to standing and prescribe punitive damages as part of the remedy.

Make no mistake: The doctors who participate in this form of child abuse will be looked back upon like the doctors who once performed lobotomies. And they completely deserve it — they are all monsters.

To get to them, you first need to get to their malpractice insurers. If enough states get into the act and hit them where it hurts, the child-mutilation craze will end.

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