Of course Biden’s remarks on the Trump trial verdict will be political

President Joe Biden will address the nation from the White House following the verdict of former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial, supposedly in a nonpolitical capacity. 

Biden plans to break his “vow of silence” regarding the trial. But I’m positive he’s the last person people want to hear from on this issue. Do not be deceived by empty words from the legacy media. This is totally a political move by Biden. Indeed, Trump’s legal battles have been met with nothing but facetious remarks from Biden. 

In many campaign-oriented capacities, Biden has jabbed at Trump for his legal troubles. For example, the president quipped that he knows Trump is “free on Wednesdays,” referring to the day when Trump’s hush money trial went to break during the week.  

Subtle comments such as this make it obvious the Biden campaign is prepping — in a nonpolitical capacity, of course — to capitalize on a potential guilty verdict. But clearly, what the Biden campaign and administration fail to understand is that no one cares what Biden is going to say. We already know what to expect at this point. 

And voters, for their part, have made up their minds about the way they feel about both Trump and Biden. This is just the reality of the political scene  since Trump’s name first appeared on the ballot. Voters know the saga and the players well. 


And Biden’s behavior, just like Trump’s, is all too predictable. He’s made it clear that this verdict will be just another political tactic for his reelection campaign. There is no apolitical way to speak about it, especially from the White House.

Unfortunately, voters can expect more of this heading into the presidential debates — where, again, the charges against Trump are sure to be used as fodder by Biden — and toward November’s election.

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