Odds of Trump winning at highest point

The odds that former President Donald Trump will win back the White House have hit a new high, likely driven by the historic trial he is facing and the building list of failures facing President Joe Biden.

For the first time, Sports Handle, which aggregates political betting odds, said Trump has a 57.2% chance of winning the November election.

By comparison, Biden’s odds of reelection have fallen to 40.9%, down from 47.1% at the end of April.

In the last month, the gap has grown from 1 point to 16.3 points.

Since the end of April, Trump has been locked in a New York courtroom to hear a hush money case against him featuring porn star Stormy Daniels and Trump’s discredited former private lawyer.

Leading pundits have slammed the government’s case, and Trump has been forced to make short statements outside the courthouse. He has traveled on weekends for rallies. Polls have shown that the trial has helped Trump, as has his more focused statements and rallies.

Biden, meanwhile, has faced a growing list of problems since the end of April, including his mixed message on the Middle East war, continued inflation, and numerous misstatements. Also during that time, thousands of students camped out in sometimes violent protests of Biden’s lack of support for citizens of the Gaza Strip.


Biden is also facing a building wave in his own party to get out of the race. On Tuesday, a Rasmussen Reports survey found that 54% of Democrats would approve of him being replaced on the ticket, though Democrats agreed that there is no good alternative.

Betting on politics is not allowed in the United States, and as a result, aggregators such as Sports Handle take data from overseas sites on which betting on American politics is popular and can be surprisingly accurate.

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