North Dakota GOP congressional hopeful hires Dylan Mulvaney to troll opponent

A GOP congressional candidate from North Dakota hired controversial transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney on Cameo to troll his opponent and call the person an anti-coal Republican in name only.

Rick Becker used the video from Mulvaney, a biological male who has made millions identifying as a woman, to contrast himself with his opponent, North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak.

“Hi Julie, it’s Dylan Mulvaney from my TikTok and Instagram series ‘Days of Girlhood,’ and I wanted to make you this video because your friend Rick told me that you have a huge job change coming up,” Mulvaney said.

“From what I understand, you just, like, 10 or more years in North Dakota, like, basically saving the planet and, like, promoting green energy and reducing harmful coal plants, which is so iconic, and now, I’m very excited for this, you are now going to the D.C. zoo to be working with rhinos.”

Becker, who is endorsed by the co-chairman of the Congressional Coal Caucus, posted the video featuring Mulvaney with a statement that blasted Fedorchak for “radical green energy proposals” that hurt the coal industry in the Peace Garden State.

“Babe, that is insane,” Mulvaney continues in the Cameo video. “I’m so excited! Like, how do you go from one thing to another? Those are pretty drastic, and if I’m ever in D.C., I’m going to figure out a way to reach out to you and check out the rhinos. … Best of luck! I love you, Julie!”

Becker promotes himself as someone who will be “one of President Trump’s greatest allies” and “put an end to the Left’s corrosion” of America’s values.

“Getting this video made was pretty dang fun. Dylan Mulvaney, though I doubt he knows who Julie [Fedorchak] is, did an excellent job highlighting her work against coal plants in North Dakota and her desire to work with RINO’s in DC,” Becker posted to X.


“Well worth the Cameo fee for the laugh and to get our message out,” the candidate said.

The Washington Examiner reached out to Fedorchak’s campaign for comment but did not receive a response.

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