WATCH: Byron York says Democrats’ midterm ‘hysteria’ is ‘dangerous talk’


Byron York on America Reports Nov. 6

WATCH: Byron York says Democrats’ midterm ‘hysteria’ is ‘dangerous talk’

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The Washington Examiner’s Byron York criticized Democrats campaigning on a doomsday strategy ahead of this week’s midterm elections.

York made the comments during a Fox News appearance Sunday afternoon, after being about his Saturday piece describing these final days before the midterms as a time when losing candidates “make extreme statements about their opponents” in an attempt to avoid defeat. He explained that the “hysteria” he referenced was in response to President Joe Biden’s closing midterms address last week, which York claimed sent the message that, “you can either elect Democrats or you can end American democracy.”

“So what we heard from Democrats, following the president’s lead, was a lot of this talk about ‘democracy is on the ballot,’ ‘it is under threat,’ ‘we might not have a functioning democracy after next Tuesday.’ That kind of talk,” York explained. “It’s pretty extreme extreme, but it is fairly characteristic of the final days for election. People are very worked up. It’s all coming down to this and they are throwing everything they have out too.”


Byron York on America Reports

“It is dangerous talk but it is, I think, what Democrats believe is their best choice right now,” he continued, explaining that the issues most important to voters are not favorable to Democratic candidates. “You have inflation, the whole economy, it’s not just inflation it’s worries about a recession, it’s mortgage interest rates going way, way up, 401ks disappearing, all that stuff. Plus you have crime plus you have the border.”

“On the other side, you have abortion which is a potent issue but with a very small part of the electorate, then you have climate change even a smaller part of the electorate. Then you have this idea of a threat to democracy,” York added. “So clearly Democrats and the president on down decided that would be a theme of the last 72 — 96 hours of the election.”


Biden would go on to repeat the same talking point Sunday that he proclaimed at his speech last Wednesday from DC’s Union Station, promising those at a rally for New York Gov. Kathy Hochul that “if y’all show up and vote, democracy is sustained.”

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