WATCH: Studio behind The Chosen releases new family series The Wingfeather Saga


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The Wingfeather Saga, a new animated series distributed by Angel Studios, debuted online Dec. 2, 2022. (Credit: Angel Studios)

WATCH: Studio behind The Chosen releases new family series The Wingfeather Saga

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The same studio that released the award-winning series The Chosen has now premiered another record-breaking show: The Wingfeather Saga.

The new animated TV show, based on the bestselling and award-winning fantasy book series by Andrew Peterson, debuted online Friday.


Executive producer Chris Wall, who is also known for his work in producing 16 movies for the VeggieTales franchise, called The Wingfeather Saga distinct in that it is “a story that doesn’t show up all that often.”

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The Wingfeather Saga has this family that not only loves each other, but they actually like each other,” Wall told the Washington Examiner. “They have their problems, but there’s an underlying affection. There is a desire to face challenges and the great evil of their time together as a family.”

The Wingfeather Saga is distributed by Angel Studios. The show made history for being the most crowdfunded animated family show.

Angel Studios President Jordan Harmon told the Washington Examiner that the business model of inviting audience members to be part of the production through investment has been very rewarding, showing that there are families desiring to push back against woke culture.

“I think the best way you can mold the world you live in is by telling stories better,” Harmon said. “You weave into that story the values and the principles that are really important to you. If you make it about just pushing back on culture, the story doesn’t resonate. It doesn’t get out there … That’s not what we want to do. We want to tell stories as well as anybody in the world but also have those incredible values and that’s the long game — that will win out in the end.”

The Wingfeather Saga also broke ground using the Unreal Engine software for its “abstract and painterly” style of animation.

Wall said despite the industry currently embracing a “CGI-Pixar look,” The Wingfeather Saga intentionally “wanted to push back against that” and “engage audiences’ imagination” as they see artists’ paintings on screen.

The series features Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Kevin McNally from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and Lost’s Henry Ian Cusick.


Season one of The Wingfeather Saga can be streamed for free online or on the Angel app.

Seven seasons are planned for the series with season two expected to debut by the end of 2023 depending on crowdfunding.

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