Tax rebate 2022: South Carolina residents set to receive $800 check by December


Tax Refund Delays
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Tax rebate 2022: South Carolina residents set to receive $800 check by December

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Taxpayers in South Carolina may be eligible for tax rebates worth up to $800, which they will receive by December.

Taxpayers who filed their 2021 South Carolina Individual Income Tax return, or SC1040, by Oct. 17 will be eligible, according to the South Carolina Department of Revenue. Those able to receive the rebate will obtain it via mail or direct deposit by the end of the year. The first rebates have already been sent out and will continue through December.


However, it isn’t too late for those who didn’t file their tax return by Oct. 17; they can still be filed by Feb. 15, although they won’t receive their rebates until March 2023.

Taxpayers’ rebate amount depends on their 2021 tax liability, with a maximum of $800. Tax liability is defined by the SCDOR as “what’s left after subtracting your credits from the Individual Income Tax that you owe.”

To calculate one’s rebate total, they only need to examine their SC1040 form. If there is no amount on line 10, add the totals of lines 21 and 22, and subtract this from line 15. The remaining amount, up to $800, will be the amount received.


Taxpayers with an outstanding individual income tax bill with the SCDOR will receive even less, with the outstanding amount being subtracted from the total. Those whom this affects will receive a Notice of Individual Income Tax Rebate Adjustment from the department.

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