SEE IT: Police report in Alec Baldwin Rust shooting released one year later


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Alec Baldwin stands in costume and speaks with investigators following a fatal shooting in October 2021 on the <i>Rust</i> movie set in Santa Fe, New Mexico. (Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

SEE IT: Police report in Alec Baldwin Rust shooting released one year later

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The newly released police report concerning Halyna Hutchins‘s shooting death at the hands of Alec Baldwin on the set of Rust details a dysfunctional movie set that liked to cut corners.

The entire report is 551 pages, detailing the pitfalls of the production that could have led to the event.

According to dolly grip Ross Addiego, armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and her crew experienced several “negligent discharges” only a week before Hutchins’s shooting. When Gutierrez-Reed was preparing a number of guns, one of them allegedly discharged by her foot, according to the document, which Deadline reviewed.


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He further reported that another accidental discharge occurred near the cabin set but that it went unannounced. Assistant Director Dave Halls would have been accountable for announcing it, Addiego said.

Key grip Reese Price, who was notably only 8 feet behind Hutchins in the church, similarly detailed accidental discharges that happened “twice last week all in one day.”

“One of the accidental discharges occurred by ‘armorer girl’ who was messing with a gun. The ‘armorer girl’ had the gun pointed down, when it went off accidentally,” reads the police report. “The second time, one of the stunt actors went to cock the gun and it went off accidentally inside a shack. Reese expressed his concern about accidental discharges occurring on this particular set, which is something that is not supposed to happen.”

Price also claimed that staff wasn’t being housed and that many had to commute long distances. “Reese indicated that he was working 14 hour days and his main concern was someone crashing on the way home after a long day of work,” according to the report.

According to him, the film was low budget and he was concerned about some efforts to cut corners.


Key rigging grip John Ziello echoed that protocols were being ignored on the Rust set. Further, prop master Sarah Zachry told investigators that “she personally believed Hannah might have messed up when she was checking the ‘dummy rounds’.”

New Mexico District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies has yet to charge anyone for Hutchins’s death. Baldwin maintains his innocence and recently settled with her estate. Last week, Baldwin filed a lawsuit against Gutierrez-Reed, Halls, Zachry, and weapons and rounds supplier Seth Kenney and his company for negligence.

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