‘Tired of losing’: Pompeo digs at Trump as 2024 GOP battle takes shape


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‘Tired of losing’: Pompeo digs at Trump as 2024 GOP battle takes shape

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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is “tired of losing” and believes most Republicans are, too, as he seemingly joins the brewing GOP revolt against former President Donald Trump’s 2024 bid.

“We were told we’d get tired of winning. But I’m tired of losing. And so are most Republicans,” Pompeo tweeted, appearing to take a dig at his old boss, whom detractors have blamed for considerable Republican electoral setbacks at the ballot box in 2018, 2020, and 2022. Trump has frequently crowed that his supporters would be “tired of winning.”



Once one of Trump’s most outspoken allies from the upper brass of his administration, Pompeo appears to have soured on his onetime boss as of late. A speculated 2024 contender, he has maintained Trump’s recent entrance into the 2024 mix will have no bearing on his decision on whether or not he will compete.

Other speculated 2024 hopefuls, including former stalwart supporters of Trump, have been similarly churlish on a third Trump run, seeking to goad the party in a different direction. Many of them appear to be emboldened by the lackluster midterm elections in which Republicans drastically underperformed expectations.

Recently, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem suggested Trump may not be the party’s “best chance” to reclaim the White House in 2024.

“If we narrow our focus there, then we’re not talking to every single American,” Noem told the New York Times. “Our job is not just to talk to people who love Trump or hate Trump. Our job is to talk to every single American.”

Trump’s old wingman, former Vice President Mike Pence, contended that the party will “have better choices in the future” and has sharpened his still-restrained public criticism of Trump’s actions surrounding the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Perhaps his biggest threat, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has seemingly sought to avoid eliciting a slugfest but jabbed at Trump following a slew of fiery screeds levied against him on Truth Social.

“At the end of the day, I would just tell people to go check out the scoreboard from last Tuesday night,” DeSantis replied to Trump’s broadsides. “The fact of the matter is, it was the greatest Republican victory in the history of the state of Florida.”

Another possible challenger, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, reportedly drew cheers from a Republican Governors Association event in which he appeared to swipe at Trump for the midterm elections.


Blue-state Republican Govs. Larry Hogan and Chris Sununu have similarly dunked on Trump’s 2024 prospects highlighting the dismal midterm outing.

Trump has begun returning fire against some of his GOP critics on Truth Social. He debuted his 2024 campaign from Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday.

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