Midterm results: Adam Frisch concedes to GOP firebrand Lauren Boebert in Colorado’s 3rd District


Lauren Boebert
FILE – In this July 29, 2021, file photo, Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., speaks at a news conference held by members of the House Freedom Caucus on Capitol Hill in Washington. Andrew Harnik/AP

Midterm results: Adam Frisch concedes to GOP firebrand Lauren Boebert in Colorado’s 3rd District

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Democrat Adam Frisch has conceded to Rep. Lauren Boebert in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District in what shaped up to be a surprisingly competitive race in an otherwise blue district that was likely to head into a runoff.

“I just got off the phone with Rep. Boebert I called her to formally concede this election,” Frisch said in a video announcement. “Please know that in the coming weeks I will pause and reflect on this race.”

Boebert was narrowly leading Democratic opponent Adam Frisch by just 0.16 of a percentage point as of late Thursday, putting the race well within the margin of a mandatory recount required under state law.

The race had been deemed too close to call by election forecasters, with the Associated Press noting it would await the results of the recount before making a determination. However, Boebert has already claimed victory in the race, arguing her slim lead won’t be diminished by a recount.


Frisch’s approach during the election was to pitch himself to voters as a centrist option against Boebert’s “extremism.” While he ran under the Democratic tag, he pitched a conservative platform based on competency rather than party.

Frisch is a former Aspen City Council member and small-business owner. His campaign focused on being “unapologetically pro-business” and believes in supporting law enforcement to bring down crime. This went against several left-wing lawmakers who have supported the “defund the police” movement.

Despite falling behind Boebert in several polls, he did make strides to close the gap in early October. He received 45% support, compared to Boebert’s 47%, one of the closest polls during the midterm elections.

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