Georgia officials respond to viral video of deputies beating inmate


Jail Detainee Punched Georgia
In this screenshot taken from Camden County Detention Center surveillance video provided by attorney Harry Daniels, jailers beat detainee Jarrett Hobbs at the facility, in Georgia, on Sept. 3, 2022. (Camden County Detention Center/Courtesy of Attorney Harry Daniels via AP) AP

Georgia officials respond to viral video of deputies beating inmate

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Authorities in Georgia responded to video surveillance from inside one of its detention centers that went viral.

The video shows five Camden County Sheriff’s deputies entering the cell of Jarrett Hobbs, who is imprisoned for speeding, driving with a suspended license, and possession of a controlled substance in September, the same month the video was taken.


Upon his arrest, Hobbs was also charged with assault on an officer. The deputies are captured on video punching, kicking, pushing, and pulling Hobbs in his cell, out into the hall, and back into his cell.

“Sheriff Jim Proctor, and members of the Command Staff, have reviewed the video. Sheriff Proctor has ordered an internal investigation of the incident to begin immediately. This investigation will include all recorded video from the time the inmate entered the facility on September 3, 2022, until his release on September 30, 2022,” a Tuesday statement from the Sheriff’s Office read. “Internal investigations involve reviewing of videos, questioning of witnesses, and documentation of evidence recovered which takes time, and not completed overnight.”

The office further promised to remain dedicated to “transparency” and “allowing the public access to all operations of each division” but also will pass the investigation on to a third party if necessary. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has also since announced its own investigation into the incident. It will not be releasing the names of the deputies involved until the investigation is finished.

On Wednesday, the Camden County Board of Commissioners also revealed it was aware of the viral video.


“Because the office of Sheriff is a constitutional one, its internal operations are the sole responsibility of the Sheriff, and the Sheriff is not subordinate to the Board of Commissioners or the County Administrator,” the Commissioners’ statement read. “Because of this allocation of powers, the Board of Commissioners does not have the authority to set the terms of employment, including discipline, for jailers and deputies of the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.”

Hobb’s attorney will be holding a press conference Thursday afternoon in front of the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.

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