Walker says he would welcome unity from top GOP members during runoff


Herschel Walker
Georgia GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker smiles during remarks during a campaign stop at Battle Lumber Co. on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022, in Wadley, Ga. Meg Kinnard/AP

Walker says he would welcome unity from top GOP members during runoff

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Georgia Senate hopeful Herschel Walker said he would welcome unity from prominent Republican leaders if they rallied to support him in the Georgia runoff election next month.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham asked Walker on Friday whether he felt it would be ideal if prominent Republicans, such as former President Donald Trump, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA), and Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA), gathered onstage and told voters to help save the Senate by electing him to the chamber.

Walker, a former NFL player who has been endorsed by Trump, responded that unity from party leaders would be “totally ideal.”



“I would absolutely, absolutely love it, because this is not an ego for Herschel Walker,” Walker said. “This is about the people of Georgia. This is about the people of the United States of America. That’s what I got into this race about. I said I want to bring unity into this country.”

Walker has been trailing Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) this week, but the two will compete in a runoff election that could determine control of the Senate next month. But some Republican leaders are concerned over the consequences of Trump campaigning for Walker in Georgia, according to CNN.

The former president had appeared at a midterm rally in Georgia last year during a runoff election for the Senate, but he spoke about alleged voter fraud in the state. The election saw the Democrats win both Senate seats shortly after.

With Trump’s rocky history in the state, GOP officials appear more welcoming to DeSantis and other Republican heavyweights visiting Georgia. DeSantis and Trump are often pitted against each other as the two most likely Republican nominees for president in 2024 should either run for office.

“We need every Republican surrogate we can get into the state to put their arm around Herschel. I think that [Virginia Gov. Glenn] Youngkin or DeSantis is a better fit for soft Republicans or independents in the suburbs that we need to turn out,” Ralph Reed, the president of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, told CNN.

DeSantis is seen as a rising leader in the Republican Party and soared to reelection during the midterm elections on Tuesday, securing another four years as governor should he not run for president in 2024.


Walker and Warnock will face each other in the runoff election on Dec. 6 after neither candidate crossed the 50% threshold needed to secure the election.

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