Survivor winner elected to Kentucky House of Representatives


Survivor: Winners at War
Jeff Probst awards Nick Wilson with the Immunity Necklace on an episode of SURVIVOR: WINNERS AT WAR. CBS Photo Archive/CBS via Getty Images

Survivor winner elected to Kentucky House of Representatives

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A former Survivor champion was elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives in the midterm elections.

Nick Wilson, who was the sole survivor of season 37, “David vs. Goliath,” ran unopposed for the position, taking the seat of retiring state Rep. Regina Huff (R), who endorsed him, according to WSPA.

The public defender ran as a Republican and said his skills on the show would translate to skills in politics, according to WYMT.

Survivor to me was a game and politics to me is not a game,” he said. “It’s something that touches the everyday lives of everyday people.”


He also pointed to his skills as a public defender, which he believes will help him in the position.

”I’ve been a lawyer for five years in criminal law,” he said. “A public defender and a prosecutor, and I’ll be able to use my legal knowledge to craft legislation.”

”I hope that we can just help people,” he added. “And I think that’s where our legislature is right now. I think that they’re not playing a lot of games in Frankfort. I think they’re really trying to pass legislation in Frankfort.”

Two of Wilson’s primary concerns are drug addiction and public education, according to his predecessor, who listed the two areas in her endorsement of him.

“Nick will bring a lot of life experiences to Frankfort. He understands the struggles of our district and has faced trials himself. He has witnessed the devastation of drug addiction and the need to continue to address this issue. He is a strong advocate for public education, and has spoken to the quality public education he received,” Huff said, according to the Times-Tribune.


Wilson’s time on Survivor the first time around was particularly notable due to the fact that he never had a single vote cast against him— showing a diplomatic skill that is certain to serve him well in politics. He also competed in the show’s 40th season, “Winners at War,” which brought back 20 former champions to compete against one another. He finished in seventh.

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