Protester who egged King Charles III banned from carrying eggs in public


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Britain’s King Charles III greets a dog as he visits the Mansion House in Doncaster, England, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2022. (Molly Darlington/Pool Photo via AP) Molly Darlington/AP

Protester who egged King Charles III banned from carrying eggs in public

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A student who allegedly pelted King Charles III and his wife Camilla, the queen consort, with eggs earlier this week has egg on his face after he was banned from carrying the dairy product in public without a receipt.

Patrick Thelwell, who was arrested after pelting the royal couple on a visit to Yorkshire on Wednesday but was released on bail, said he found the conditions of his release “amusing” and claimed he is not allowed within 500 meters of the king or allowed to carry eggs in public. However, the directive was adjusted to allow for grocery shopping, according to the Mirror.


Thelwell, a self-proclaimed climate activist, said he chose to throw eggs at the couple because he does not believe in “kings” or fascism and said the United Kingdom should be abolished.

“I did what I did because I don’t believe in kings. I believe in the equality of all people. It’s a protest against the state of this country and the descent into fascism,” Thelwell told the Mirror. “I believe in democracy and solidarity with all the world’s people who are suffering right now in large part because of conditions created by the British state. The United Kingdom as a whole needs to be abolished, dissolved, and its assets given as reparations to help the world and build resilience to the climate breakout that we have caused.”


Neither royal was hit by the eggs.

Thelwell, who has been charged with a Section 4 public order offense, is due in court on Dec. 1.

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