New York considers reparations for slavery

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New York considers reparations for slavery

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The New York legislature passed a bill last week that would create a commission to examine the effects of racism and slavery in New York while making potential recommendations for reparations. The bizarre case for reparations is not new. Following California’s lead, both states are now showcasing the extent to which they are willing to redistribute taxpayer money and turn the economic system toward socialism.

Redistributed payments from people who have never participated in slavery to people who have never experienced slavery seem to be the Democrats’ solution to addressing economic disparities. They term this under the notion of “historical injustices.” In contrast, the Trump administration saw historically low unemployment rates for black people. Black people all around the country have had huge successes in education, business, and politics. In the end, it all boils down to the differences in red and blue economic policies.


Democrats seem determined to convince a section of this group that they are victims of oppression to this day and that they cannot succeed because of the system they live in. In doing so, the Democrats are also insulting the efforts of great historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and Republican President Abraham Lincoln, who fought hard to make the American dream a reality for everyone. What’s more dangerous is that they want to push a distorted view of black people in society and then fight against this “racism” they strategically create. Once a divided society is achieved, Democrats want to slowly progress into pushing socialist economic policies. What was once a fear is now becoming a reality in Biden’s America.

But people all around the country are fighting against this, with outspoken black conservatives like Candace Owens and Amala Ekpunobi trying to inform us of the reality: the culprit behind certain black communities struggling with disparity is cultural issues, not the system. The most prominent examples that come to mind are fatherless households, nonassimilation mindsets, and gang culture. It is often believed that the people who can find solutions to a community’s problems are from that community itself. They are credible owing to their lived experiences.

These conservatives are actively taking a stand and trying to uplift their kind from suffering. In this case, the suffering is Democratic-inflicted. But the Democrats do not want to give sensible black leaders like them a platform, and this stems from the racist origins and views of the Democratic Party itself. This is seen across the spectrum, whether it is black people who identify as Republicans or gay people who are outspoken against the sexualization of children. The Democrats conveniently dismiss sensible people from Democratic-targeted communities as “self-hating.” These people present as threats to the Democratic agenda, hence the divisive tactics.

This is why many Asian Americans, Hispanics, and other minorities are turning to the GOP’s big tent. The divide-and-rule strategy of the Democrats must be exposed more explicitly to black people all around the country. They must be made to understand that we all as Americans have a shared history and culture that we should come together to cherish and celebrate. This is regardless of any past or present injustices that members of every race have faced or continue to face.

In the end, it is not socialism that can solve certain disparities in a capitalist society where opportunities are abundant. It is these people themselves who can help uplift their communities by eliminating dangerous cultural elements.


Max Mallhi is a summer 2023 Washington Examiner fellow.

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