MSNBC hosts lament Trump is ‘luckiest guy in the world’

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle bemoaned Donald Trump‘s success in fundraising simultaneously for his campaign and legal fees.

Ruhle made an appearance on Inside with Jen Psaki, which aired on Sunday, to comment on the recent money raised on Trump’s behalf. Host Jen Psaki asked Ruhle if his fundraising would completely cover his legal troubles, which Ruhle suggested “it might.”

“He’s the luckiest guy in the world,” Ruhle said. “Just think about this — he’s sitting there facing hundreds of millions of dollars and fines and legal bills; he’s got 80-plus charges against him, and he’s running for president. He could end up cashing out of this and finding a solution.”

According to Ruhle, it was “extraordinary” that Trump was able to find California billionaire Don Hankey to loan him $175 million toward his bond in his New York civil fraud case. Hankey is a longtime Trump supporter who charged a small fee for posting the bond on Trump’s behalf.

“He said I actually thought Trump had the money he wouldn’t need it,” Ruhle said of Hankey. “Maybe Donald Trump does, but you know he specializes in? OPM: spending other people’s money, and he’s done it again.”


This comes after hedge fund portfolio manager John Paulson hosted a Saturday fundraising event in his home, which raised $50.5 million on Trump’s behalf. This was the presidential candidate’s biggest haul yet.

Notably the event nearly doubled President Joe Biden’s record for fundraising within a 24-hour period. Biden’s most successful fundraising day raised $26 million at a New York City event that featured former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

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