Michael Cohen drops ominous warning about Trump’s plans in a second term

Michael Cohen never thought former President Donald Trump would be able to handle losing the 2020 election, and in 2018, he correctly predicted he would rebel. For 2024, Trump’s former attorney shared a similar, yet more grave, warning that if he wins, Trump will never allow for a free election again.

In an interview with Politico, Cohen shared his expectations about a second Trump term.

“If, God forbid a million times, Donald wins the election in 2024, there will never be another election again in America,” Cohen said. “Because Donald believes, like Putin, that it doesn’t matter who you vote for; all that matters is who’s counting the vote. So there might be this impression of an election, but it will never be a legitimate election ever again. He has no intention of being another one-term president. This, for him, is presidency for life.”

Cohen said he doesn’t think Trump will win the election against President Joe Biden, pointing to Trump angering too many voters for taking credit for overturning Roe v. Wade. Trump recently said he would leave abortion rights up to the states.

The former lawyer also discussed Trump’s legal battles. Trump’s hush money case isn’t as unpleasant as the other three cases, according to Cohen. Cohen is the star witness in the first case brought against the former president, which is set to go to trial next week. 

Cohen said the Jan. 6 insurrection case, classified documents case, and the Georgia election interference case would all rank more severe than allegations he falsified business documents to use campaign funds as a way to prevent porn star Stormy Daniels from disclosing details about their affair.

If Trump returns to the White House, he would be empowered to dismiss two of the cases he’s involved in. However, the trials in Georgia and New York are state cases, so Trump will face them regardless.


But those other cases haven’t set firm dates for trial, and Cohen acknowledged Trump’s popular status has been keeping him safe from a quick indictment.

“If it was you or anybody else, they would already have been indicted, the case would have already proceeded and chances are they would have already been convicted and sentenced,” Cohen said.

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