Marjorie Taylor Greene says Nancy Pelosi ‘directly to blame’ for Jan. 6 security failures

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Marjorie Taylor Greene says Nancy Pelosi ‘directly to blame’ for Jan. 6 security failures

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) is pinning some of the blame for the Capitol riot on outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Sharing an article that detailed how Pelosi’s office was involved in the Capitol security plan that ultimately failed on Jan. 6, Greene argued that the outgoing speaker should face consequences for her role in enabling the riot — drawing a sharp rebuttal from Pelosi’s staff.


“Nancy Pelosi is directly to blame for the security failures at the Capitol on January 6th. She blamed everyone else now she must pay the price,” Greene tweeted.

Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff was quick to rebut Greene, blasting her for spreading lies.

“More lies. More threats of political violence. Where is Kevin McCarthy? He’s groveling to this extreme MAGA element of his party in an effort to become the weakest Speaker of the House in history,” Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff Drew Hammill tweeted.

A handful of Republicans, such as former President Donald Trump, have long promulgated the notion that Pelosi was culpable for Jan. 6. Recently released documentary footage shows her on the phone prodding Trump administration officials to provide reinforcements to the Capitol while it was under siege.

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Underlying the article shared by Greene was a recent counter-report from a group of would-be House Republican members of the Jan. 6 committee. The report cited emails and text messages to claim that at least two key members of Pelosi’s staff went to regular meetings to discuss security preparations for the certification of the 2020 election on Jan. 6.

“Then-House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving — who served on the Capitol Police Board by virtue of his position — succumbed to political pressures from the Office of Speaker Pelosi and House Democrat leadership leading up to January 6, 2021,” the report read. “He coordinated closely with the Speaker and her staff and left Republicans out of important discussions related to security.”

“Prior to that day, the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) had obtained sufficient information from an array of channels to anticipate and prepare for the violence that occurred,” the report added.

A bipartisan Senate panel report released last year examined the security failure surrounding the riot and found bureaucratic procedural missteps, such as uncertainty over who had the authority to call in the National Guard, led to the failure. The Senate report was followed by legislative reforms aimed at solving some of those problems.


The Jan. 6 committee, which examined the root causes of the riot, is expected to publish its final report on Thursday after delaying publication that had initially been slated for Wednesday. The panel released dozens of witness transcripts Wednesday and issued criminal referrals to the Justice Department for some key figures, such as Trump, earlier this week.

Pelosi is poised to step down as the No. 1 House Democrat after nearly two decades in the post.

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