Marjorie Taylor Greene opposes ‘mentally unstable’ Laura Loomer for Trump campaign role

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. (Graeme Jennings/Washington Examiner)

Marjorie Taylor Greene opposes ‘mentally unstable’ Laura Loomer for Trump campaign role

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) isn’t happy with reports that former President Donald Trump’s campaign is seeking to hire Laura Loomer, an activist with a history of bigoted and anti-Muslim remarks.

Greene blasted Loomer as “mentally unstable” and a “liar.”


Trump recently met with Loomer and told his campaign advisers to give her a role to help boost his candidacy, either in the campaign itself or the main super PAC backing his White House bid, sources told the New York Times. The reported move was met with widespread criticism, including inside the GOP.

“Laura Loomer is mentally unstable and a documented liar. She can not be trusted,” Greene tweeted. “Never hire or do business with a liar. Liars are toxic and poisonous to everything they touch. I’ll make sure [Trump] knows.”

Greene specifically cited comments Loomer made shortly after the 2022 elections in which she accused the Georgia Republican of trying to “undermine” Trump’s chances to be reelected. Greene also accused Loomer of trying to join a possible Kanye West presidential ticket but later deciding to work with Trump after the rapper declined.

Loomer has not yet been hired by Trump, and some members of his campaign team have voiced concerns that her presence could cause some backlash among voters, according to the outlet. Loomer shot back at those accusations, seeking to paint herself as a staunch Trump loyalist.

“He likes me very much,” she told the outlet. “And it’s a shame that he’s surrounded by some people that run to a publication that is notorious for attacking him in order to try to cut me at the knees instead of being loyal to President Trump and respecting their confidentiality agreements.”

Loomer has come under fire for past comments in which she suggested that Islam is a “cancer” and described herself in a tweet as a “proud Islamophobe.” She’s also been criticized for a tweet in which she celebrated the deaths of 2,000 immigrants crossing the Mediterranean.


She was removed from Twitter in 2018 for violating the platform’s hateful conduct policy, but she was later reinstated once Elon Musk bought the company in 2022.

“I know a lot of people don’t like me, but that’s their problem, not mine,” she told the New York Times. “I have proven my loyalty to President Trump countless times over, and even if other people try to malign me and undermine President Trump’s wishes, I will continue to be a ride-or-die Trump supporter. Trump deserves loyalty and he deserves to have loyal people working for him who do not leak to the press.”

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