Marines poke fun at Navy post featuring backward scope

The Navy deleted a picture of one of its commanders after people online pointed out the scope on his weapon was on backward, but not before the Marine Corps got its licks in.

Cmdr. Cameron Yaste was featured on the Navy’s Instagram with a rifle in hand. Yaste is the skipper on the USS John McCain, and the branch intended to honor him. The photo was captioned, “From engaging in practice gun shoots, conducting maintenance, testing fuel purity and participating in sea and anchor details, the US Navy is always ready to serve and protect.”

However, the rifle’s scope was on backward, which prompted the account to remove the photo — but not before receiving backlash.

“Nobody involved in this spotted any of this. Not the captain, or social media team, or anyone involved in the photo shoot,” an X user wrote. “It’s completely, totally wild to me.”

Even the Marines couldn’t resist responding, and it posted on Instagram a photo of Marine Cpl. Joseph Helms holding a similar weapon with the scope attached correctly hours later.

“Clear Sight Picture,” the Marines posted. “Marines assigned to Bravo Company, Battalion Landing Team 1/5, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, conduct a live-fire deck shoot aboard the US Navy amphibious assault ship USS Boxer, April 6, 2024. Elements of the 15th MEU are currently embarked aboard the Boxer Amphibious Ready Group, conducting routine operations in the U.S. 3rd Fleet.”

“Thank you for pointing out our rifle scope error in the previous post,” the Navy posted on X. “Picture has been removed until EMI [extra military instruction] is completed!”


The Washington Examiner reached out to the Navy for comment.

According to the branch’s latest recruitment report, 30,236 active-duty sailors and 6,342 reserve sailors joined the ranks last year.

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