Man killed in robbery staged by illegal immigrants seeking fraudulent visas

They say every town is a border town when President Joe Biden refuses to enforce our nation’s immigration laws, and that proved true for Rasshauud Scott who was shot dead while attempting to help two illegal immigrants commit visa fraud.

Thanks to Biden’s catch-and-release policies on the southern border, cities throughout the United States are now full of immigrants desperately looking for some type of legal status.

Some of these immigrants have apparently learned that illegal immigrants can obtain a U-Visa, which grants them work authorization and a path to citizenship if they help police solve a crime. 

Two unnamed immigrants in Houston allegedly paid a man named William Winfrey to stage a robbery where the immigrants would be the fake victims who could then help police solve the crime. Winfrey then paid Scott to carry out the fake robbery, which was all going according to plan until a bystander stepped in to stop the fake crime by shooting and killing Scott.

After investigating the shooting, police have not yet charged the shooter with any crimes, but they did charge Winfrey with the murder of Scott. 

While investigating Winfrey’s role in setting up this particular fake robbery, police discovered that Winfrey and Scott had staged at least two other fake robberies, and a total of four illegal immigrants were granted U-Visas in connection with these scams.

It is unclear if the immigrants who paid Winfrey will be charged with anything in connection with Scott’s death. Also unclear is whether or not the four immigrants granted U-Visas by the Biden administration will now have those visas revoked, be charged with fraud, and be deported from the United States.


Internal deportations have dropped dramatically under Biden as he has followed through on his election promise to welcome as many illegal immigrants into the country as possible. 

The number of U-Visas granted each year is capped by law at 10,000, but family members are not counted against the cap. U-Visa recipients above the age of 21 may secure additional visas for their spouse and children. U-Visa recipients under 21 can sponsor their parents and siblings.

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