Louisville shooting: Police release bodycam footage of response to attack

Louisville Shooting
Multiple agencies arrive at a building after a shooting took place in Louisville, Ky., Monday, April 10, 2023. (Michael Clevenger/Courier Journal via AP)

Louisville shooting: Police release bodycam footage of response to attack

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Police released body camera footage from the response to the Louisville, Kentucky, mass shooting.

Deputy Police Chief Paul Humphrey provided commentary for the video that was delivered intermittently between clips. The footage was first shown at a press conference. Humphrey revealed that the shooter, Connor Sturgeon, ambushed officers from a vantage point at the bank. He was situated in a spot where he could easily see the officers but they could not see him.


“This is a still image … where [Sturgeon] then went to the front lobby and set up an ambush and waited for officers to respond,” Humphrey said.

“He remained in that front lobby where he shot at another couple of people who passed by, and then he waited and … [lay] in wait for officers to respond. And as soon as he saw them, he shot at them. That’s where he shot Officer Wilt. Officers cannot see inside this area. It is darker inside than it is outside, and this subject is looking from a higher vantage point out onto them where they cannot see inside what they are approaching,” he added.

After shooting and wounding two officers, one critically, Sturgeon was engaged and killed a few minutes after police arrived on the scene.

The Louisville Metropolitan Police Department showed three videos at the conference: the body camera footage of Nickolas Wilt, who was critically wounded by fire from the suspect; body camera footage of Cory Galloway, who shot and killed Sturgeon; and footage taken by a bystander. No footage taken during the active shooting was released. The footage only showed the police response.

Due to the position of Galloway’s body camera, Sturgeon’s death was not captured on video, and his body was blurred in the video due to the graphic nature of the scene. No bodies of the other victims were shown in the video either.

Humphrey heaped heavy praise on Wilt and Galloway, describing their response as “exactly the response we needed.”


“You can see the tension in that video,” he said.

“You can understand the stress that those officers are going through,” he continued. “The response wasn’t perfect, but it was exactly the response we needed. I think I would love to have either one of those officers ride with me any day. They did absolutely exactly what they needed to do to save lives. Once officers arrived on scene, not another person was shot. Not a single person received any further injury once officers arrived on scene, and that’s what we’re here for.”

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