Louisiana becomes first state to criminalize abortion medication

LGov. Jeff Landry (R-LA) signed legislation into law banning two medications usually used for abortion: mifepristone and misoprostol.

Louisiana, which placed the drugs on Schedule IV of its Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law, becomes the first state to classify drugs this way, and possession of the medication without a prescription or order from a medical professional can result in up to five years in prison.

“Requiring an abortion inducing drug to be obtained with a prescription and criminalizing the use of an abortion drug on an unsuspecting mother is nothing short of common sense,” Landry tweeted. “This bill protects women across Louisiana and I was proud to sign this bill into law today.”

Schedule IV contains some narcotics and medications like Xanax and Valium.

Vice President Kamala Harris previously denounced the legislation, saying former President Donald Trump “is to blame.”

“Extremists in Louisiana just passed legislation to criminalize the possession of safe and effective abortion medication with penalties of several years of jail time,” she tweeted.

Landry quote-tweeted Harris’s post, saying, “Another day, another lie from the Biden administration. Proud to stand with our legislature to ensure this drug can be obtained legally and safely—ensuring the protection of all women. Without this bill, women and the unborn are more susceptible to predators.


“Contrary to the false narrative that the media perpetuates, we stand with the women of Louisiana,” he said.

Landry slammed Harris two days before her tweet after she reacted negatively to the Louisiana House’s passage of the bill, with the governor saying she “should spend more time fixing our southern border than misleading the American people on [state Sen. Thomas Pressly’s] bill.”

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