Lock-em-up-libs finally find a prosecutor they dislike

A few years ago, after Donald Trump got elected while promising to jail his opponent, a significant portion of the center Left became passionate about prosecuting and jailing its political opponents and others who seemed to be on the wrong side of the culture war. I call them the “lock-em-up-libs.”

As soon as Trump took office, a cult formed around special prosecutor Robert Mueller, including action figures and at least several different Christmas songs about Mueller indicting Republicans.

Kamala Harris ran for president in 2020, building her campaign around her prosecutor past. Her supporters praised her as “a dead-on prosecutor,” and then Biden chose her as his running mate.

The fierce left-wing appetite to convict Kyle Rittenhouse for shooting his two assailants was another prime example of the Left’s growing love for locking up the politically bad.

In 2021 and 2022, Democrats up and down the East Coast campaigned for office on the Trumpian promise to prosecute Trump for everything imaginable.

This led to more cults of personality around the new generation of Trump prosecutors. A leading “lock-em-up-lib” who goes by the cringe-inducing name “Mueller She Wrote” even launched a fan-girl podcast about new Trump special counsel Jack Smith.

Well, now that a different special prosecutor is in the news, the tone of this podcast has turned a little less pro-prosecutor.

It’s worrisome that one political party is led by an unhinged man who believes the government is his plaything and the other party is populated with a class of people who believe that their political opponents are criminals.

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