Karine Jean-Pierre’s despicable exploitation of the Nashville shooting

Karine Jean-Pierre
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre pushed back Tuesday on criticism of the White House’s “reactionary” response to the reversal of <i>Roe v. Wade.</i> Evan Vucci/AP

Karine Jean-Pierre’s despicable exploitation of the Nashville shooting

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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is known for her demagoguery and spreading misinformation. She’s one of the figureheads of the Biden administration and is responsible for stretching the truth to defend much of President Joe Biden‘s words and actions. So, it should come as no surprise when Jean-Pierre took an extremist left-wing position regarding the shooting at a Christian school located in Nashville, Tennessee, this week — despicable as her words may be.

While appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss the tragedy, Jean-Pierre was once again less than honest in her assessment of the situation. Naturally, she did what all Democrats do when trying to exploit a tragedy for political gain — she blamed the Republicans. It was pathetic, shameful pandering.


“What I will say to Republicans in Congress is: ‘What are you going to say to these parents? What are you going to say to these family members?’… We cannot sit around to allow this anymore,” Jean-Pierre said on the left-wing television show. “It’s enough. Enough. Enough. This president has taken more executive actions on gun violence safety than any president before him, and he’s done that in two years.”

But Biden already passed gun laws to stop mass shootings in 2022. He, along with Jean-Pierre, and almost every other Democrat in the country, assured that this new gun reform would change things and save lives. Less than a year later, clearly, Biden’s gun legislation failed. Jean-Pierre failed to mention these failures, however. Instead, she reiterated the Biden administration’s efforts to curb gun violence and called for even more regulation.

“As we’re seeing, we need to do more. And I’ve heard this theme throughout the show this morning, which is courage. We need Republicans in Congress to show some courage. This is what they owe these parents,” Jean-Pierre said. “This is what they owe these family members who are losing their loved ones. They need to show courage. We need gun safety laws, comprehensive gun safety laws. We need to ban assault rifles. Those weapons of war do not belong in our streets. They do not belong in schools.”

But there’s no evidence that the Democrats’ suggested gun reforms would have done anything to stop any mass shooting. For Jean-Pierre to advance such a narrative is disgusting and offensive, especially to the families of the people who were slain. She used those killed in the mass shooting as pawns to advance a left-wing political agenda.

It’s worth noting that this is the same presidential administration that blamed racism and a person’s political ideology when a mass shooting occurred in Buffalo, New York, last year. But when an evil, radicalized transgender person kills little children and teachers at a Christian school, somehow Republicans are the problem.

She is only interested in exploiting tragedies to vilify and demonize political opponents to advance political agendas. Her comments were utterly reprehensible and reflective of the toxic, hate-filled, divisive politics of Biden and his administration.


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