Jim Jordan calls on DOJ to release evidence of Biden’s classified documents before election

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said it is “incumbent upon” the Department of Justice to inform people of President Joe Biden’s management of classified documents.

Jordan appeared on Fox News’s Hannity on Wednesday to respond to the DOJ’s refusal to turn over subpoenaed interviews with the president. The interviews were conducted amid then-special counsel Robert Hur’s report on the classified documents Biden had in his possession. Hur’s office interviewed Biden last year but found he did not have a “mental state of willfulness” and, therefore, his handling of classified documents was not worth indicting him over because “it would be difficult to convince a jury that they should convict him.”

“We think it’s incumbent upon the Justice Department to give us all of that evidence,” said Jordan, the House Judiciary Committee chairman. “We would like to hear the audiotapes, and frankly, I think the American people would like to know, six months before the most important election we have, who’s going to be our next commander in chief.”

Jordan pointed out to host Sean Hannity this wasn’t the first instance that a Democratic politician got away with mismanagement of classified information.

“But what’s interesting here, Sean, is in the last three presidential elections, there’s only been three candidates: Hillary Clinton, President Trump, and President Biden. All three had concerns. Concerns were raised about how they dealt with classified information. But only one is being charged,” Jordan said. “Joe Biden wasn’t charged. Hillary Clinton wasn’t charged, even though she destroyed 30,000 emails and was sending classified information over an unsecured server — she’s not charged. But somehow, the one guy who was actually president at the time, he gets charged. That’s what so many Americans find wrong. Because it is wrong. It’s a double standard, and that’s not the way it’s supposed to work in our great country.”


The chairman has also subpoenaed Biden’s ghostwriter, Mark Zwonitzer, behind his 2017 memoir. Promise Me, Dad made about $8 million in sales, which Jordan claimed is enough for a motive if Biden read classified information to Zwonitzer.

This comes after Hur testified to the House Judiciary Committee that the White House counsel received a draft of his report and requested edits be made before its release.

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