Is feminism making young liberal women sad?

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Is feminism making young liberal women sad?

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Young adults, particularly young women, and especially young liberal women, are suffering from record-high levels of depression.

Last month, I made a case that one reason young liberal women are so likely to be depressed today is that the gender identity movement is pushing more and more of them to question their sexual orientation unnecessarily.


“Almost all of the growth in LGBT identification is coming from young adults identifying as bisexual, and almost all of the growth in young Americans identifying as bisexual is coming from young women specifically,” I wrote.

And it appears that these bisexual identities are often temporary.

One recent study, for example, found that more than a quarter of non-heterosexual women return to heterosexual identities within a five-year window. Which would be fine, except there appears to be a real cost to young women when they move in and out of sexual identities. One study found that bisexual females questioning their sexuality had significantly higher scores for depression, anxiety, and traumatic distress than female heterosexuals.

This week, Daniel Cox, the Director and Founder of the Survey Center on American Life, wrote a post that also identified growing homosexual and bisexual identification as part of the reason so many young women are now depressed. But then he also noted that the #MeToo movement appears to be partly to blame as well.

“As the #MeToo movement gained traction, many women began to reevaluate their understandings of the way American society treats them,” Cox writes. “Gallup polls reveal plummeting levels of satisfaction with the treatment of women in the last few years. In 2016, 61% of women said they were satisfied with the way women were treated in the US. The next time Gallup asked this question, in 2018, feelings of satisfaction had fallen dramatically. Today, only 44% of women report being very or somewhat satisfied with the treatment of women in American society.”

“These feelings are especially pronounced among progressive women. In a survey we released this year, we found that young liberal women expressed the greatest feelings of discontent with the treatment of women in the US.,” Cox continued. “Less than one in three (32%) young liberal women said they were satisfied with how women fare in American society. In contrast, 44% of young liberal men, and 70% of young conservative women, report being satisfied with how women are treated in American society.”

On paper, there has never been a better time to be a young woman than in America today. Young women get better grades in high school than boys, they are more likely to graduate, and they are more likely to go to college. And the disparities are widening. Women are close to earning 66% of all college degrees.


Young women even earn more than young men, up until the point they become mothers. But I doubt all these young liberal women are even married, let alone mothers.

Maybe that is the problem. Maybe deep down, young liberal women want to be married mothers, but they feel as though they would be betraying their feminist ideals if they married a man and started a family.

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