Inflation kills Manhattan’s famous $1 pizza slice

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Inflation kills Manhattan’s famous $1 pizza slice

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Inflation has killed Manhattan’s famous $1 slice of pizza.

For years, college students and New Yorkers on the run have trusted a $1 slice at 2 Bros. Pizza’s East Village location on St. Mark’s Place to get them through the day.


However, the owners of the beloved shop announced Monday they had to raise their price to $1.50 to keep up with inflation, according to a report.

“Over the past few years, we had done everything in our power to keep the cheese slices at $1 while refusing to compromise on our quality,” co-owner Eli Halali said.

“We were no longer able to break even.”

The price at other 2 Bros. Pizza locations throughout New York City had been raised to $1.50, but Halali said he and his brother, co-founder Oren Halali, wanted to keep the East Village as the sole Manhattan holdout.

“The biggest issue in recent months was cheese prices stabilizing at a higher average than where they’ve been for the last decade,” he said, noting cheese costs make up 40% of the business’s food bills.

The move to $1.50 has been long-feared by the brothers, the report noted.

“Inflation is affecting every single ingredient, every single item we use. Flour, cheese, tomatoes, gloves, paper goods, paper plates, napkins. Everything. Labor is definitely up as well,” Oren Halali said in 2021.

Several residents who depend on the East Village location have not taken the price increase well.

“Man, this pisses me off!” a local student said.


“I usually get three slices, but now I’m only getting two. … Everywhere else is doing the exact same thing. I’ve been watching the price go up by two and three times over the past year. This sucks.”

“Bring back $1 pizza!” another said. “New York is the last place where you could get a slice for a buck. Everywhere you go now, the prices are all going up, up, up.”

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