In Colorado, leftists look for any excuse to criticize Christians

Colorado Springs Shooting
A Club Q sign stands amid items in a makeshift memorial to mark a weekend mass shooting at a nearby gay nightclub on Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022, in Colorado Springs, Colo. Anderson Lee Aldrich opened fire at Club Q, in which five people were killed and others suffered gunshot wounds before patrons tackled and beat the suspect into submission. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

In Colorado, leftists look for any excuse to criticize Christians

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Pluralism is dead, and if you want evidence, just talk to the Left following any national tragedy. On Saturday, Nov. 19, a deranged shooter entered Club Q, a gay and lesbian nightclub in Colorado Springs, and killed five innocent people, injuring 19 others. A horrific incident such as this should be an opportunity for both political parties to come together in support of a grieving community. But, of course, one side had to point fingers immediately.

The day following the shooting, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that it had taken place “after an anti-LGBT+ campaign.” Vice ran an article about how “the point” of the Right’s opposition to radical gender and sexuality policies was to cause mass shootings.


All this with zero interest in determining the actual motives of the alleged killer, who is, it turns out, nonbinary.

And if you think that politicians such as Cortez and her media allies are simply pinning blame on Westboro Baptists types who gleefully proclaim that all homosexuals go to hell, you haven’t been paying attention.

All it takes to get slapped with the “hateful bigot” label now is a traditional Christian view of sexuality. That’s why, following the Left’s knee-jerk blaming of the GOP and Christians for the attack, a Christian group was vandalized.

On Thanksgiving, someone spray-painted the words, “Their blood is on your hands. Five lives taken,” on the sign of the Focus on the Family headquarters in Colorado Springs. While the organization holds traditional sexual ethics, it notes on its website that it is “committed to encouraging its friends and constituents to reach out to gay people with compassion.”

Following the shooting, Focus on the Family President Jim Daly even released a statement saying, “We must condemn in the strongest terms possible the taking of innocent life. Our hearts break for those families who have lost loved ones and who are suffering this unimaginable tragedy.”

There’s zero evidence that Focus on the Family had something to do with the tragedy at Club Q. Newsweek, not so eager to separate the deranged killer from the Christian organization, put it this way: “It is unclear if there’s a connection between the suspect and the conservative Christian ministry with anti-LGBTQ messaging.”

From the response on Twitter to the vandalism, it’s clear that many onlookers supported it, and some even argued it hadn’t gone far enough.

The problem for these anti-religious agitators, though, is that we still live in an ostensibly pluralistic society. In America, you should be able to have people who live gay lifestyles and people who believe that those lifestyles run contrary to their religious beliefs. Christians should support the legal right of the LGBT community to live as they choose without having to bake the cake. Likewise, gay, lesbian, and transgender adults should, without forcing religious Americans to fly a rainbow flag, be able to make their own decisions.

We will simply never live in a country in which all people agree on sexual ethics. The best we can hope for is one in which we can balance the conscience rights and desires of competing groups of people.


But we are inching toward an increasingly illiberal society, one in which, as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested to his citizens, will “move beyond ‘tolerate,’ and start embracing, and loving, and accepting.” If mere tolerance is bigotry, and embracing whatever lifestyle someone else chooses is the only way to love them, then any group with beliefs short of supporting the whole LGBTQIA+ agenda is unacceptable.

If this trend continues, we risk having socially acceptable opinions beaten into us by a tyrannical and narrow-minded culture, but it won’t be the religious Right; it will be the new religion of “embracing, and loving, and accepting.”

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