How many Philadelphians must be killed before the city stops voting for Democrats?

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Investigators work the scene where multiple people were shot including police officers when a SWAT team attempted to serve a homicide warrant in Philadelphia, Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2022. The shooting occurred around 6:30 a.m., soon after officers tried to serve the warrant in North Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke) Matt Rourke/AP

How many Philadelphians must be killed before the city stops voting for Democrats?

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Philadelphia was founded in 1682. Before 2021, in the 339 years of its existence, the city had only reached 500 homicides in one year: 1990. It wasn’t until the election (and the inexplicable reelection) of the left-wing, Democratic, Soros-funded District Attorney Larry Krasner that the city would see such violence and bloodshed again.

Now, after another death last night, in its 340th year, Philadelphia has topped 500 homicides once again. Moreover, it marks the third straight year of at least 499 homicides.


So over 1,500 Philadelphians have been killed during the last three years. To help put that into perspective, 2,417 Americans died in battle in 20 years in Afghanistan.

Despite the high total number of victims, Krasner is on the record denying there was a crime crisis in the city — comments he later tried to walk back.

Many of these deaths could have been avoided if Democrats actually cared about arresting criminals and holding them accountable, instead of protecting them over people. His policies let criminals out of jail and back on the streets. This would prove to be deadly, as many would go on to hurt others again. Criminals such as Jahmir Harris and Latif Williams are just two of the many people whom Krasner released from jail who went on to slay more people.

Krasner thinks that incarceration is a bigger problem than crime. His refusal to enforce the law vigorously against violent and career criminals has been disastrous, and many more Philadelphians would be alive if he had never been elected. Yet the city overwhelmingly voted to reelect him. This raises an important question: How many more Philadelphians must be killed before the city stops voting for these Democratic politicians?

As a resident of Philly, I assure you that things are worse than they have ever been. Gas stations are hiring private armed security to protect their establishments from criminals. Philadelphia Parking Authority officers are getting shot in the head for no reason. People get killed while walking their dogs. College students are being fatally shot near their campus residences. Two-year-olds are getting killed, and 11-month-olds are being shot.

Since Krasner was elected, prosecutions of gun crimes have fallen considerably. Under his watch, there has been a 17% increase in withdrawals or dismissals of gun charges. This has coincided with a nearly 60% drop in guilty pleas in gun crime cases — why plead guilty when you’re not going to be prosecuted?

Philadelphia now has the highest violent crime rate of any U.S. city with a population of greater than 1 million. Of the 10 largest cities in the U.S., Philadelphia has the highest homicide rate per capita. These statistics will only get worse while Democrats such as Krasner are in charge.

The city’s criminals know that the inmates are running the asylum, and there’s little accountability for the actions of anyone in government. Krasner and the city’s Democrats tried to develop a radical, left-wing nirvana, and this dystopia is the direct result. Criminals will continue to flourish so long as Soros-funded politicians are elected to wreak their ideologically based havoc on innocent people. For years to come, Philadelphians will get the crime and chaos they overwhelmingly voted for.


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