Heading for the exits: Black men double their support for Trump over Biden in new poll

A new poll suggests that 30% of black men in seven swing states will give their support to former President Donald Trump, up from the 12% he received in 2020, come the November election

The poll, conducted by the Wall Street Journal, surveyed minority group voting trends. The black population has been a key voter bloc for Democrats, but now Trump and third-party candidates are threatening to steer voters away from Biden. There isn’t a comparable poll from 2020, but in that election, Trump won only 12% of male black voters.

Biden still is expected to capture the majority of male black voters, with 57% supporting the Democrat. However, the poll suggests a 30-point drop in black male voter support when compared to the 2020 election results.

In the same poll, 42% of black women surveyed revealed they are still uncertain or persuadable in their voting choice. In 2020, 6% of black women voted for Trump. Now, 11% said they are definitely or probably going to vote for Trump.

“In this particular election, the persuasion isn’t just to vote or not to vote,” said Adrianne Shropshire, head of BlackPAC, a Democratic super PAC. “The persuasion is actually to get people to come to Biden and away from third parties and away from Trump.” 


The black eligible voter population for 2024 is projected to reach 34.4 million — accounting for 14% of the total voting population. 

In an effort to garner support from the black community, Biden invested $25 million in an advertising campaign to reach key voters in swing states back in August. This includes the largest investment in black media for a reelection campaign in history. The move comes as Democratic pollster Michael Bocian pointed out that “Biden is further off than where we have seen Democrats in the past” in capturing the black vote.

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