GOP reacts to Trump’s appearance at Libertarian Convention: ‘What a boss’

Former President Donald Trump‘s speech at the National Libertarian Convention on Saturday had a mixed reaction from those in attendance but was met with praise from his Republican allies.

Conservative commentator Charlie Kirk shared a clip from Trump’s speech, where he suggested libertarians “could keep going the way that you have for the last long decades and get your 3%” of the vote or instead “make yourselves winners” and nominate him for president. Attendees were heard booing Trump throughout.

“What a boss,” Kirk captioned the clip.

“Trump went from being booed after every word of his speech at the Libertarian National Convention to having the attendees eating out of his hand and cheering for him,” former congressional candidate Laura Loomer wrote. “He’s the best communicator in the entire world. Truly a masterclass. I hope everyone is taking notes right now.”

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) was also at the convention and addressed the crowd. He endorsed Trump and encouraged those listening to vote for him.

“Trump’s speech at the libertarian convention is strong and powerful,” Lee wrote on X. “He came out strong against the Central Bank Digital Currency. Against unnecessary wars. Against high taxes. For pro-growth, light-touch regulatory reforms. Libertarians everywhere should watch and listen.”

Former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy responded to President Joe Biden’s campaign on X, which mocked Trump for how he was received at the convention. Biden was invited but did not attend, making Trump the first former president and first candidate of an opposing party to attend.

“Shame on Biden. Real men face people who disagree with them, instead of hiding in their bunkers,” Ramaswamy wrote.

Trump’s campaign press secretary Karoline Leavitt also responded to the convention backlash in a post on X. Leavitt saw it as an example of Trump being unafraid.


“President Trump is a leader. He shows up. He is unafraid to take his message to every corner of this country, from the deep blue Bronx to the Libertarian Convention,” Leavitt wrote. “Joe Biden is a shell of a man, too afraid to debate in front of a small audience. Pick your fighter, America.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the independent challenger to Trump, was also in attendance at the convention. Kennedy’s campaign handed out rubber chickens to attendees as a way to mock Trump for not debating him. These were mostly confiscated before Trump began speaking.

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