GOP leaders detail DOJ ‘two standards’: ‘It never ends their quest to go after President Trump’

Donald Trump
Former President Donald Trump. (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

GOP leaders detail DOJ ‘two standards’: ‘It never ends their quest to go after President Trump’

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House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) blasted the Department of Justice’s “two standards” when comparing the handling of investigations into former President Donald Trump and allegations against President Joe Biden.

“This never ends. You go back to 2016, when they used a dossier they knew was garbage to go spy on President Trump’s campaign. Then, they got 2018, the whole Muller investigation in that election. In 2020, they suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story. And then, of course, in 2022, 91 days before the election, they raid President Trump’s home,” Jordan told Hannity.

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“And now, here we are, heading into the presidential election, and we have Joe Biden’s Justice Department going after their opponent, the guy leading in every single poll — and that’s after Alvin Bragg has already indicted President Trump. And this Fani Willis in Georgia is probably going to do the same thing,” Jordan continued. “It never ends their quest to go after President Trump.”

Comer also noted that the FBI’s lack of cooperation with producing subpoenaed documents alleging a “criminal scheme” involving Joe Biden and an unnamed “foreign national” suggests that the federal agency believes it is immune to oversight.

“We are setting an example. When we subpoena information, there is a reason why, and we expect to get that information. The House Oversight Committee was created to have oversight over the federal government,” Comer said. “We have these federal bureaucracies that think they are immune to oversight.”


When asked about whether the DOJ and FBI have become weaponized against Republicans, Jordan pointed to the Durham report as evidence of a long-standing agenda.

“Just look at the Durham report. He gives countless examples of how they had no credible evidence, no predicate, no probable cause when they launched the investigation,” Jordan said. “Yes, there’s two standards and the people at the top of the FBI know that was the case, and that is not supposed to be how it works in our great country.”

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