GOP candidate Majewski says McLeadership ‘left the campaign to die’

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J.R. Majewski, Republican candidate for U.S. representative for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District. (AP Photo/Tom E. Puskar, File)

GOP candidate Majewski says McLeadership ‘left the campaign to die’

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Defeated Republican Ohio House candidate J.R. Majewski blamed his party’s national leadership for the failure of his campaign, saying they “left the campaign to die.”

Majewski’s campaign became mired in controversy over reports disputing his military service claims, which eventually led to the National Republican Congressional Committee, which assists GOP House campaigns, cutting off support for his campaign in September.

In an article for the National Pulse, Majewski criticized the NRCC, claiming they hindered his campaign in several ways and are to blame for his defeat. He also took the opportunity to cast a wider net, laying the blame on the Republican Party’s disappointing midterm results on the “McLeadership” in Washington rather than on former President Donald Trump.

“The corporate media is working overtime to hide the Republican establishment’s failures in the 2022 midterm elections – perpetuating a myth that Donald J. Trump dragged his endorsed candidates down,” he wrote. “This is a complete lie, told in order to embolden GOP leaders in Washington D.C., and ignores the fact that in so many instances, this same ‘McLeadership’ set MAGA candidates up for failure.”


At various points in the op-ed, Majewski claims that the NRCC sabotaged his campaign in several ways, including not just cutting off financing but strictly controlling his messaging and at times secretly colluding with the Democrats. Perhaps most notably, he struck back at the elephant in the room — the controversy over his military service — saying he “disproved” the claims and that it didn’t have any impact locally, claiming instead that the only effect was the Republican Party abandoning him.

“Here’s the kicker: I disproved that hit piece on me, and the Associated Press made multiple corrections. The story didn’t have much impact locally, but it did nationally. What made the most impact was the fact that the NRCC left the campaign to die. Tom Emmer’s team gave my Democrat opponent the chance to tell constituents that the Republican Party had abandoned me. With limited funding, I could not effectively fight back. Meanwhile, my opponent capitalized,” he said.

In September, an investigation by the Associated Press found that there is no record of Majewski’s combat tour in Afghanistan, as he claims, but that he was loading planes in Qatar at the time. Majewski disputes this, saying his deployments to Afghanistan were classified.

Another investigation by the outlet found that the reason he was barred from reenlisting in the Air Force was because of a DUI he received at an air base in Japan during a 2001 deployment, not an Air Force dormitory brawl as he had previously claimed. These two bombshells were the catalyst for the Republican Party cutting funding for the campaign, helping to hand his Democratic opponent, Marcy Kaptur, a victory in the midterm elections.


The NRCC did not respond when reached for comment.

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