Give the gift of grace and charity this Christmas

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Give the gift of grace and charity this Christmas

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Christmas gifts do not need to be expensive or fancy, and if you are reading this, it may be too late even to get something delivered by Amazon.

Thankfully, there is a free gift you can give for Christmas and throughout 2023: the gift of grace and charity toward one another. The birth of Jesus Christ is a source of hope for billions of Christians, but Christ’s message applies to all.


Extending grace to friends and family can be as simple as holding your tongue, letting go of a grudge, or going out of the way to ask them for forgiveness.

Charity can be as simple as patience with one another and not engaging in every opportunity to argue politics with a cousin or friend. It is OK to let things go, and when it comes to past feuds or slights, forgiveness can be a wonderful and free present.

Consider that both Republicans and Democrats say spending time with family and friends is meaningful and important to them. But the difficulty might come when Republicans and Democrats need to spend time with each other at the family Christmas party.

The past three years of COVID-19 shutdowns, Black Lives Matter protests, and two federal elections have definitely left plenty to bicker about, along with all of the other normal topics that leave people fighting.

However, charity and grace demand that we treat one another with respect, and that might just mean not engaging in every conversation about politics. Prudence — in this case, knowing when and when not to talk — is another valuable virtue to embrace.

Alternatively, we could ask our friend or family member how they came to their belief, if there are any books or documentaries they would recommend to learn about that particular topic, or if they ever held a different view on that issue. It might spark a thoughtful conversation that does not induce us personally to take a stance.

Furthermore, when someone sees you as a kind, thoughtful person, it may allow you down the road to speak into their heart on more pressing matters than their personal beliefs about recycling or infrastructure spending. The grace and charity you show your nephew or niece in not fighting over every topic could allow a life-changing discussion down the road if they talk about a more serious topic, such as transgenderism or abortion.

Some topics are worth being forthright in your opinion, but this Christmas, act with grace and charity. Take a deep breath, think ahead of time before social gatherings about how you will redirect potentially volatile conversations, and aim to mend broken or wounded relationships.

Acting with love toward one another is free, though it can be difficult. But at least you do not need to fuss around with wrapping paper, tape, and ribbons.


Matt Lamb is a contributor to the Washington Examiner’s Beltway Confidential blog. He is an associate editor for the College Fix and has previously worked for Students for Life of America and Turning Point USA.

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