Forty immigrants burn on Biden’s border of death

Mexico Migrant Deaths
Image taken from a video showing ambulances and rescue teams staffers outside an immigration center in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Tuesday, March 28, 2023. At least three dozen migrants have died in a fire at an immigration detention center in northern Mexico near the U.S. border, according to a newspaper report. Images from the scene showed rows of bodies lying under shimmery silver sheets outside the facility in Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso, Texas. Ambulances, firefighters and vans from the morgue could also be seen. (AP Photo) AP

Forty immigrants burn on Biden’s border of death

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A record-high number of immigrants died trying to cross our southwest border last year, and another 40 died this week in a Mexican detention center in Ciudad Juarez, just across the border from El Paso, Texas.

President Joe Biden is absolutely 100% responsible for every one of these deaths, thanks to the border crisis he created.


This Monday night, immigrants detained by Mexico’s National Institute for Migration, or INM, set fire to mattresses in their detention cell to protest their likely deportation from Mexico. Instead of trying to extinguish the flames, a video shows Mexican law enforcement officials walking away from the fire, leaving the immigrants to be burned alive.

Since Biden has stepped up his use of Title 42 COVID authorities to deny entry to immigrants from Central and South America, those immigrants have increasingly clashed with INM authorities.

On March 9, the Mexican Army and National Guard had to be deployed after INM agents raided a hotel in downtown Juarez. “When they drag a girl out by her hair to throw her in a patrol car, that’s when everyone rose up because it’s already an act of aggression,” one Venezuelan migrant told El Paso Matters.

On March 13, hundreds of immigrants stormed the U.S.-Mexico border after a rumor circulated that it was the “day of the migrant” and they would be granted entry. Instead, they were met with barbed wire and tear gas.

On March 14, dozens of immigrants attacked INM officers checking papers at a Juarez hotel. INM vehicles were pelted with rocks. Immigrants accused the INM officers of beating them and stealing their belongings.

In the year before Biden became president and dismantled the highly effective “Remain in Mexico” program, just 247 immigrants died trying to cross the southern border. Last year, thanks to Biden’s catch-and-release border policies, that number rose to 853.

At a Senate Department of Homeland Security Committee oversight hearing Tuesday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted he had no idea how many migrant deaths his catch-and-release border policies had caused.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX): Has the crisis made aliens less safe? Yes or no? Mayorkas: Senator, we are seeking – Cruz: So you won’t answer that question either. If it is, it’s a yes or no. Has it made aliens less safe? Mayorkas: Senator smugglers are exploiting– Cruz: Has the crisis made aliens guess less safe. Are you willing to answer it? Mayorkas: Senator, the smuggling organizations. Cruz: Okay, you’re filibustering again? Let me ask you this question: How many migrants have died under President Biden? Mayorkas: Senator, your phrasing of the question is actually quite misleading. Cruz: How many migrants died in 2022? Mayorkas: Approaching our southern border? Cruz: Yes. Mayorkas: Precisely why we are seeking to exclude the smuggling organizations. Cruz: Do you know the answer? Do you know how many died? Mayorkas: I do not. Cruz: You do not? Of course you don’t. I know how many died 853.

That a record number of immigrants are dying on the southern border thanks to Biden’s catch-and-release policies is a tragedy.

That Mayorkas doesn’t know how many have died is a dereliction of duty.

He should be impeached. ASAP.


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