Exactly which restaurants are kicking out gay people, Mr. Biden?


Exactly which restaurants are kicking out gay people, Mr. Biden?

For a president who was so adamantly opposed to spreading misinformation, Joe Biden certainly doesn’t have any reservations about doing it himself. It’s a recurring habit, especially when he wants to advance his political agenda. Such was the case last week at the signing ceremony for the Respect for Marriage Act.


“When a person can be married in the morning and thrown out of a restaurant for being gay in the afternoon, this is still wrong,” Biden.

Everyone in the audience should have challenged Biden to name where such things are happening because it’s completely untrue. There aren’t any restaurants in 2022 that kick people out for being gay. This was Biden’s fearmongering and spreading of misinformation. There’s no evidence to support such a claim, and it was preposterous for Biden to make it.

Moreover, the media didn’t classify his statement as a lie, nor was he held accountable for not telling the truth. No media member categorized his statement as a lie, nor did any of them offer a correction, a tactic they repeatedly used when President Donald Trump was in office.

In 2022, no gay person is being thrown out of any restaurants. There are drag queens telling stories to 4-year-olds, men swimming as women in athletic competitions, and politicians telling the country that men can get pregnant. Given the country’s current political climate, a gay person is more likely to be celebrated at restaurants than thrown out of them.

But the Democrats’ political platform is predicated on fear and victimhood. They shape public opinion by scaring specific demographics into thinking they are being attacked, oppressed, or losing rights. It’s manipulative and deceitful — and they do it all the time. It’s the only way to get enough public support for their agenda.

There aren’t any restaurants kicking married gay couples out. And Biden should be held accountable for making such a comment.


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