Elizabeth Warren announces reelection campaign for third term

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Elizabeth Warren announces reelection campaign for third term

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Progressive heavyweight Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) kicked off her campaign for a third term in Senate Monday.

Striking a familiar tone, Warren vowed to continue her fight to make Washington work for the middle class and preserve democracy. Her reelection platform includes a quest to construct a “21st-century transportation system,” tighten banking regulations, ramp up taxes on the wealthy, and make childcare affordable, among other big-ticket items.


“I first ran for Senate because I saw how the system is rigged for the rich and the powerful and against everyone else,” Warren proclaimed in a reelection campaign video. “Now, I’m running for Senate again because there’s a lot more we’ve got to do.”

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In her two-and-a-half-minute video, Warren supporters touted her accomplishments in the Senate including clinching a minimum corporate tax, progress on alleviating student loan debt, securing a new electric school bus fleet in Boston, and making over-the-counter hearing aids more affordable.

Warren, a former Harvard professor, was first elected to the Senate in 2012. She had been vaulted into the national spotlight in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, during which she chaired the Congressional Oversight Panel of the Troubled Asset Relief Program, the initiative to bail out the major banks to prevent a complete meltdown in the financial sector.

Later on, she helped establish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under the Obama administration. Warren alluded to her work on financial reforms in her reelection video.

“Oh — and like I’ve been saying for years — put stricter rules on banks so they don’t crash and hurt working people,” she quipped in the video.

Over recent weeks, Warren has sought to reverse the rollback of rules first established in the Dodd-Frank Act for smaller and midsize banks. She has also joined in efforts to establish a new watchdog for the Federal Reserve.

Throughout her tenure, Warren courted progressives and briefly mounted an unsuccessful bid for the presidency in 2020. This election cycle, she is backing President Joe Biden, who has yet to formally declare his candidacy for president.


Massachusetts is filled with ambitious Democrats who would likely be keen on vying for Warren’s seat if she were to have stepped aside. Sparse polling has indicated she enjoys robust support within her states for a reelection bid.

Democrats are facing one of the most brutal maps nationally in recent decades for defending control of the Senate in 2024. Twenty Democrats and three Democratic-aligned independent senators are facing reelection, dramatically eclipsing the Republicans’ 11. Massachusetts is expected to be a safe bet for Democrats.

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