Election denier Jamie Raskin wants to protect our electoral system by destroying it

Jamie Raskin
Rep. Jamie Raskin. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Election denier Jamie Raskin wants to protect our electoral system by destroying it

Our electoral system is in danger of being destroyed, according to Democrats. As it turns out, the only way to protect it is to destroy it.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) is the latest Democrat to articulate this view. Raskin told CBS that the Electoral College has “become a danger.” We must destroy it because, according to Raskin, “There are so many curving by-ways and nooks and crannies” in it that create opportunities for “strategic mischief,” and also, countries like Iraq probably don’t like it, so why should we?


Raskin’s argument is an embarrassment coming from anyone, let alone a man who himself attempted to overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election. Establishment media and the Democratic Party may pretend otherwise, but Raskin is no different than the election deniers who came after him during the 2020 cycle. His wanting to destroy our electoral system is not exactly a surprise.

But, even ignoring his track record, Raskin’s argument is absurd. The opinion of people in other countries about the Electoral College is irrelevant to what we should or shouldn’t do in our electoral system. Nor is his complaint about “five popular vote losers as president” relevant, since the popular vote does not matter. It does not exist in any real way, and, if it did, those “losers” would’ve campaigned differently. The results would be unknowable, but Democrats think they are always wildly popular because they run up vote totals in large Democratic cities, so Raskin thinks this would mean Democrats would win forever.

Finally, the idea that the Electoral College somehow creates more opportunities for “strategic mischief” than a national popular vote would is ridiculous. Former President Donald Trump attempted to do exactly that after losing in 2020 and failed miserably because power over the Electoral College is so diluted that no one person could sabotage it. Trump attempted to pressure GOP politicians in Arizona and Georgia to rig the election in his favor. Not only did that not work, but even if it had, Trump would have lost anyway.

A national popular vote would be far more chaotic and far more prone to “strategic mischief.” It would be easier to cheat (especially by the incumbent president) by virtue of being centralized and depending only on the total ballot count from all states combined. It would be easier for foreign powers, such as Russia, to interfere, given that they would no longer have to navigate the natural complexities the Electoral College adds to our system, with all 50 states having their own rules and roles in the system.

And, if you think the Electoral College is what is sowing distrust in elections, imagine a presidential race that is undecided for nearly a month while California’s snaillike system slowly counts its millions of votes to add to the popular vote total. A national popular vote system would do far more to reduce trust in elections and fuel conspiracy theories.


Of course, Raskin has no problem with that. Again, he is an election denier who tried to overturn the results of the last presidential election that Democrats lost. He only cares about our electoral system if it leads to Democrats getting elected. That makes him no different than Trump and his ilk, or from the other Democrats who want to “protect” our institutions by butchering them so that Democrats always get exactly what they want.

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