Did an old Shania Twain song predict Cambridge Dictionary’s new ‘woman’ definition?

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Did an old Shania Twain song predict Cambridge Dictionary’s new ‘woman’ definition?

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Perhaps Shania Twain knew what was coming all along all the way back in 1999. Included in her Come on Over album, one of her most popular songs was “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” I’m assuming she didn’t know it then, but, man, did that lyric age well. It has a profound meaning in 2022.

According to an “updated” definition of the word woman (I am legitimately unsure of how that’s possible), you don’t even have to be female to be a woman. It’s absurd nonsense and social justice pandering. Moreover, it further enables the Left’s extreme activism in destroying our culture. Nevertheless, after the “modernization” of the word, this foolishness is now a reality.


Cambridge now defines “woman” as “an adult who lives and identifies as female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth.” An adult who is not female, by the way, is known by most people as a “man.”

Was legendary female country singer Shania Twain a soothsayer in the last months of the 20th century? Did she predict the future? Should we have been listening more intently? Consider some of her lyrics.

“Go totally crazy, forget I’m a lady, men’s shirts, short skirts,” the chorus goes. “Color my hair, do what I dare, Oh, I want to be free, yeah, to feel the way I feel. Man! I feel like a woman,” the chorus concludes.

Well, if that doesn’t epitomize the contemporary transgender movement, I’m not exactly sure what might. Isn’t that what today’s generation and political climate are all about? Being “free” to “feel the way one feels?” One can envision men competing with women in collegiate sports listening to that song in 2022.

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One would presume that it must have been playing on the radio at the executive offices at Cambridge Dictionary when they decided to make such an asinine decision. Supporters say it was done to be more “trans-inclusive.” But there’s nothing inclusive about using language that doesn’t describe anything. There’s nothing inclusive about using semantics to deny biology.


This isn’t inclusive. This is insanity. It’s preposterous pandering and succumbing to the illogical whims of mental illness and radical left-wing orthodoxy.

Shania Twain’s clairvoyant abilities aside, no matter how badly the Left wants to redefine reality, females, and only females, can be women. Cambridge Dictionary is denying the biology of humans and reality more broadly.

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