Democrats wanted to give subsidized healthcare to illegal immigrants. Glenn Youngkin said no

Do Democrats care more about illegal immigrants than American citizens? It’s a reasonable question after their actions in recent months. And it’s a concern that Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) has decided to confront.

Between Democrats’ steadfast refusal to implement any meaningful or legitimate border security policy, their relative silence over Laken Riley’s alleged murder by an illegal immigrant, closing schools and forcing students into remote learning so schools could be used as a shelter for illegal immigrants, and implementing a $53 million program to provide illegal immigrants with prepaid debit cards, one could legitimately argue that Democrats care more about illegal immigrants than the citizens of the nation. This is especially true after the revelation that some Democrats are trying to use a federal program to give illegal immigrants free healthcare.

The 340B Drug Pricing Program is a federal program that extends “limited federal resources to reduce the price of outpatient pharmaceuticals for patients and expand health services to the patients and communities they serve.” In many instances, 340B is used to provide “free care for uninsured patients, offer free vaccines, and provide services in mental health clinics.” While the program was initially designed for good, Democrats are using valuable resources on illegal immigrants. 

However, Youngkin has taken a stand against the Democrats abusing this program. After the state’s Democratic-controlled legislature passed a bill in February that would provide taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegal immigrants, Youngkin’s office expressed concern over government programs such as 340B.

“The governor will review all legislation that comes to his desk. He is deeply concerned about the federal 340B program and how it could be exploited to provide taxpayer-subsidized healthcare to illegal immigrants,” Youngkin spokesman Christian Martinez said in a statement.


Youngkin’s concern is justified. Democrats will stop at nothing to implement their pro-illegal immigrant agenda at the expense of the taxpayer. The nation has seen the drastic lengths Democrats will take to prioritize resources for illegal immigrants. RealClearPolitics found that the Empire State’s Democrats are misusing 340B to bankroll “costs of care” for illegal immigrants. This is unacceptable and should raise red flags for everyone.

Youngkin should be commended for his efforts to guard Virginia citizens from Democratic overreach, abuse, and reckless spending. The people in the state are not responsible for financing the political platforms and agendas of its Democratic politicians. Under the guise of compassion, the Democrats in Virginia are exploiting innocent taxpayers. The country needs more politicians like Youngkin to shield it from Democrats. At this point, the nation’s elected leaders must follow Youngkin’s lead. 

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