Democrats embolden yet another career criminal to stab and kill


Democrats embolden yet another career criminal to stab and kill

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A violent career criminal with a lengthy history kills someone after repeatedly being coddled and let go by the criminal justice system. This sad story keeps repeating itself, thanks to the Democratic Party’s new position on criminal justice reform.

The latest entry in this genre is from Washington, D.C., where Christy Bautista was killed in her hotel room. The criminal was George Sydnor Jr., who had a rap sheet stretching back to 2000. His past actions include armed robbery, domestic violence, and rape. Somehow, Sydnor was free on the streets to break into Bautista’s room and stab her 33 times.


Sydnor had been arrested in October 2022 on a charge of armed robbery. A judge had denied him bail due to his violent criminal history, as was appropriate. But two weeks later, Superior Court Judge Sean Staples took over the case and released Sydnor, who unsurprisingly skipped his arraignment hearing. Staples was subsequently nominated by President Joe Biden in January 2021 and confirmed by a majority-Democratic Senate.

Let’s just run down a brief list of some similar cases from just the past few months. A violent career criminal in New York killed two people and assaulted three more over the span of a few days despite several weapons-related assaults in his criminal history. Another New York man had been arrested 41 times leading up to his random assaults on two people. He had been released on zero bail despite his criminal history and despite being a registered sex offender on lifetime parole.


The career criminal who assaulted Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) had just been released from a 35-day sentence for assaulting police officers. Career criminals with violent histories have killed or attempted to kill multiple police officers in California, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Missouri in the past three months alone.

On a broader note, roughly 1 in 5 criminals in New York City arrested on charges of burglary or theft are rearrested in relation to felony crimes within two months of their release.

Democratic criminal justice “reforms” and the liberals who are chosen to carry them out, such as Staples, only embolden and help criminals graduate to more serious crimes. Those criminals see that they can get away with thefts or other lesser crimes, and so they push the limits of the system, moving to more and more violent crimes until they end up killing people. That is what happened with Sydnor, and that is what is going to keep happening as long as Democrats fight to keep criminals out of jail instead of protecting law-abiding citizens.

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